From the Mouths of Babes

As adults and activists, we are always trying to say the right thing and use the right words. At DGB, we tirelessly research our actions for maximum impact in our quest to leave the world a better place for future generations. In all this intellectualizing and analyzing, sometimes it’s refreshing to listen to some smaller people, whose lives and views are a bit more pure and uncomplicated. Every DGB staff member is a mother and between us, we have 37 Junior Grabbers ranging in age from two weeks to 14 years old. We asked them “What can you do to make the world a better place?” Here is their sage wisdom. Also note: the public school system is really pushing the don’t litter agenda.


6: I can be a good leader in my class, family and girl scout troop.

I can try and become President and let people have more freedom. Like more schools and more playgrounds.


2: I call my Dada


14: If you see bullying, don't be a bystander


12: Be nice, pay it forward


8: Don't be a bully


8: Don't do drugs


7: Put lots of trash cans and recycling all over so people can always throw trash away (he had a formative experience recently with chasing a plastic bag)


7: I could become president and change laws that hurt people and also I can stand up for people who need it and pick up trash on the ground.


4: I don't want to tell you


7: I would tell people no more cutting down trees unless you absolutely have to


4: I just don't know


3: (threw herself on the ground and cried)


8: One time I found a lost dog and took her back to her family and they were really happy. I really wanted to keep her, though.


8: If rich people helped poor people and gave them money so they could at least have things to help themselves.


13: *pulls out earbuds* huh? umm I dunno. No, I can't think of anything. (she's in a dark period)


8: Stop littering. And stop smoking because it stinks. Oh and don't destroy an animal's habitat just to build your own.


10: not eat as much and give food or time to charities.


5: Make s'mores


8: Picking up trash, not littering, and telling your friends at school to pick up trash.


7: have Donald Trump not be president.


7: give money to schools.


9: Be nicer and donate to food banks.


6: Pick up rubbish. (she lives in San Diego, but watches a lot of Peppa Pig)


5: Love it.


So, adults, take comfort in the fact that these people will be running the world in the blink of an eye. They still have the wide-eyed optimism of youth and we look forward to the squeaky-clean and s’mores-filled civilization they envision.