The Customized Resistance

by Morgan W.

We’ve all been told that insulating ourselves from Trump supporters only widens the gap of understanding and prevents open dialogue, therefore impeding community progress. But what if you want to remain locked away in your liberal elite tower, fingers in your ears, and “LALALA” away The Crazy? There’s a bespoke browser extension for that!

This is the main Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-On Store, but here are a some extensions to help you avoid the stark reality of living under 45:


This replaces images of Trump with kittens to cushion the blow of unpleasant headlines with fur:

Make America Kittens Again


And here’s a way to convert Trump’s tweets into children’s scribbles to give them the weight they deserve:

Make Trump Tweets Eight Again


Or, if you’re past the Denial Stage and ready to tailor your browser to this marathon battle, here are a few extensions to help you Resist:


This one replaces Trump’s name with Jezebel’s descriptions of him to remind us all how terrible he is:



Visit this site for extensions that will autocorrect all instances of “alt-right” to “white supremacy” or “neo nazi”:


This site provides extensions to help you make sure your online consumerism contributes to a better world, all while you shop as usual (they even provide coupon codes!):



Have you discovered or created a browser extension that helps your election grieving process? Please share it with DGB!