Take Us Far, Far Away

Most of us at DGB right now are suffering through some serious winter weather as Mother Nature shows her progressive political leanings by turning everything blue. One of the best ways to warm up your mood is to plan your vacation or long weekend, even if you only do it in your head. Since Trump properties are off the list for obvious reasons, we’ve gathered up some resources to help you plan something that doesn’t contribute to the destruction of the planet or your bank account.


  • Stay local The positives of a staycation are low use of fossil fuels, less time spent on travel, and discovering new things in your area. Maybe you think you live someplace pretty boring or think you have seen it all. Trust us, that’s not true. Check out your town, city, county, state or Chamber of Commerce website(s) for ideas. There are also countless blogs, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages to help you find hidden local treasures. A DGB staff member recently spent two genuinely fun days entertaining three children in Yakima, Washington. Yes, Yakima. (She suggests you check out this awesome museum.)

  • Buy from Locals One of the great things about tourism dollars is that they can positively impact all layers of a local economy. So plan to support the mom and pops, the small inns, the Airbnbs, and the non-chain restaurants. If you need extra help or are terrible at any type of planning, take the suggestion of the International Ecotourism Society and think about hiring a local guide.


  • Take in America’s National Parks, Monuments, Forests or Recreation Areas In the current political climate, it’s more important than ever to take time to experience the beauty and history our country has to offer. There are nearly 500 Park and Monument sites within the National Park Service, found throughout the 50 states and 5 U.S. Territories. Some of these sites are world-famous, from Yosemite to Shenandoah, Yellowstone and The Everglades. Others may surprise you, like the Nicodemus National Historic Site in Kansas, the “oldest and only remaining Black settlement west of the Mississippi River.” You can even aim to visit one of the five new National Monuments President Obama recently recognized. Find the National Parks Service site closest to you here. If you’re the parent of a 4th grader, homeschool a ten year old child, or you are an active military member, you can get a National Parks Pass for free. Find out more here.

  • Go sustainable If you really want to get out of dodge and you have the means to go someplace far away, aim for eco-friendly. Here are some sites that can help you do that:

Book Greener


We at DGB can’t help but fantasize of escaping it all to a warm vacation location. A DGB meetup in a sunny place, where we hang out with our fierce friends, with the margaritas flowing as freely as the laughter, where we plan a brighter future for us all.