Political Action

How a Grab is Made


At Daily Grab Back (DGB), we promote action. But not just any action. Each DGB begins with a team that identifies pressing issues threatening our world, our democracy, or any group of people who don’t have a voice.  It is important to us that DGBs address both short-term and long-term goals. These can be actionable items for quick results, such as making a call to stop a bill, or they can shine light on an issue with long-term promotion of engaged and active citizenry. Such longer-term impact DGBs will involve things like local education, expansion of media sources, and support of organizations or businesses that give back to our communities.

Once found, the issues are handed off to our crack Research Team, which triages them by urgency. This is a complex task in such turbulent times. Once they analyze the problem thoroughly they consult with specialists in the field whenever possible to help determine what actions will make maximum impact.

After the Research Team is done putting the DGB structure together, they pass the ball to our Writing Team. This team looks it over and tests it out to ensure we are relying on credible sources and conveying accurate information to our participants. They also flesh out and describe the action in a straightforward way that promotes the urgency of the situation.

Once that stage is completed, the DGB goes to our Design Team, which pairs the text of the action to a engaging and creative image. We have talented artists that work hard to ensure our action catches the eye.

The last step occurs when the Social Media Team works their magic and takes a DGB from something you can do to something you can like, post, and easily share with your circle. We post actions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with additional platforms planned for the future. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming actions and more from your partners in the revolution here at the Daily Grab Back!