How to Combat Protest Fatigue

by Celestia L.

You’ve all been hitting the pavement, making those phone calls, sending out endless e-mails, and it’s making a real impact. DGB wants to give you some tips and tricks to combat protest fatigue so that we can all keep fighting 45 and his Cabinet of Deplorables.

Protesting is a marathon and not a sprint, and one can apply the same training techniques for marathon training that you would for protest training. You may be a seasoned protester, or you may just be starting and one of the most important steps in any training is to pace yourself. You wouldn’t go out and run ten miles if you had been completely sedentary the past four years, and you also wouldn’t run the exact same distance every day if you were an established runner. Find a pace that works for you and build up your endurance so you don’t get fatigued.

The next step is to find a protest buddy or buddies. Running is often more fun when you are training with others, and the same can be said for protesting. You are more likely to march and chant till you’re hoarse, if you have a badass friend beside you. Another benefit to having a protest buddy is that if you are feeling fatigued, they can go in your place, or vice versa, to ensure someone is hitting all those important rallies.

The third step to fighting fatigue is to rest. Every marathoner takes rest days. Listen to your body and your mind and rest when you need it. You are useless to the resistance if you burn out. One great way to rest and refresh yourself is meditation or mindfulness. This website gives all the basics for how to start a meditation and mindfulness practice and has different guided practices to help you rejuvenate yourself. Mindfulness helps other issues in your life like reducing stress, helping you feel more connected to those in your life, and even dealing with pain.

A few more small things you can do to fight protest fatigue are to make reusable signs. Use some of the sturdy poster board and make a sign that works for more than one protest. We also recommend you stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. Just like training for a marathon, your body needs those nutrients if you are going to be able to keep up the pace at your marches and have the strength to intimidate your representatives at town hall meetings.

Keep up the awesome work, Grabbers. We see you out there protesting every weekend and, seriously, you kick ass. Follow these simple steps so you can continue to fight and show those that say we will fizzle out, that we’re just getting warmed up.