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United Day of Women

United Day of Women


December 3rd is the United Day of Women and we urge you to join the movement and celebrate the day. The United State of Women is encouraging women across the country to hold an open house strategy session. You can join this strategy session by RSVPing here. https://www.facebook.com/events/405184466538060/


What exactly is the United State of Women? Their website details their six pillars:

- Economic Empowerment

- Health and Wellness

- Educational Opportunity

- Violence Against Women

- Entrepreneurship and Innovation

- Leadership and Civic Engagement.


At the DGB we strive to support and defend these pillars in all of our Grab Backs.


Please join us in shaping the future by taking the pledge to “fight like hell for gender equality, speak out against injustice, hug my people tight, control my own health decisions, stand strong with survivors of sexual violence and harassment, fight to keep immigrant families together, organize against racism in all it’s forms, and never stop fighting for my sisters.” Only together can we Grab Back.