Get Your Required Voter ID Squared Away


Quick, without Googling, do you know what identification your state requires in order to vote? Many states have adopted new voter ID rules so it is vitally important to stay on top of this information in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections. The organization VoteRider has gathered up all the various regulations into one handy resource. They even created a wallet card you can carry around and reference while you are out and about encouraging your fellow liberals to vote in November (which you are totally doing, right?) Your DGB for today is to go to this site and do a quick check to see if you are ready. Just click on the plus sign next to the name of your state and get informed:

Once you are in your state’s window you can print out the nifty wallet card and even check to see if you are registered. Have a bit more time on your hands? There are resources here to help you run a voter ID clinic or help someone get the identification they need to vote:

The best and only way to stop Trump is to send a Blue Wave to Congress in November. The GOP has worked hard to keep people away from the polls by creating bureaucratic barriers. Let’s make sure they aren’t successful.



Collusion in Real Time


Your DGB for today is to contact your members of congress by phone, email, or pony express if necessary, and demand that they begin impeachment proceedings against the 45th president of the United States.

Today we all watched in stunned horror as Trump stood next to a man who orchestrated a coordinated attack against our country and its democratic process, and acted as an accessory after the fact.  In a joint presser with Vladimir Putin that will undoubtedly go down in history, Trump denied that Russia was behind the interference in the 2016 presidential elections. He refused to condemn Putin to his face. He called his own justice department’s efforts a “witch hunt” (congratulations, by the way, if you got BINGO with that one). He praised Putin, he blamed the strained relationship between Russia and the US on the US press and the previous president. Even when Putin kindasorta admitted he did it, Trump buckled, kowtowed, and kissed ass. He blamed - and I know this will come as a big surprise - Hillary.  There’s no way around it: Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia was on display in real time, on televisions around the world. The former director of the CIA, John Brennan tweeted, “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous.”

Grabbers, burn up those phone lines. Make Resistbot work so hard it cries “uncle.” Tweet until your thumbs cramp. This is not normal, this is not okay, and this man needs to GO. Impeachment now.


Flip the House: Illinois


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect Illinois democrats to the House of Representatives.

Of the four Illinois house seats up for reelection, two are currently tossup races and deliciously flippable.

In Illinois 6, Democrat Sean Casten will challenge incumbent Peter Roskam.


Illinois 12 sees Brendan Kelly giving Republican incumbent Mike Bost a run for his money.


Both democrats are under-funded compared to the congressmen they’re challenging. Give them a boost and follow them on social media at the links above.


Is the FBI Corrupt?


Your DGB for today is to read about bias inside the FBI.

Are we talking about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok?

Nuh-uh. You see, the hearings the House Judiciary Committee held today, in which Strzok’s testimony caused a congressional uproar, were an extension of the misinformation campaigns we saw extensively during the 2016 presidential election. If you undermine the institutions you use to your own corrupt benefit, you can head off any public mess by first accusing the other side of the same misconduct. You follow? Basically, there’s a good bit of evidence that the FBI worked against Hillary Clinton’s interests during 2016. If the GOP undermines the credibility of the FBI now, they can scream “fake news, corrupt institution” as soon as they’re culpable. We aren’t falling for this.

The following thread from Seth Abramson details a complex conspiracy (yes, there are conspiracies everywhere - this is our world now) involving an outlet called True Pundit. You may need to read through the thread a few times. We at DGB definitely did, as this is some crazy spy novel nonsense.

Combat Trey Gowdy with his unconvincing human skinsuit and all of his congressional grandstanding by arming yourself with knowledge.


The Democratic Party Wants to Hear From You


The midterms are getting closer, and now that the primaries are drawing to a close it’s time for the Democratic Party to start getting its act together. If that blue wave is going to happen then the Dems’ strategies and messaging have to be totally, completely, 100% on point. They want your help to ensure that the voice of the people is heard and amplified.

What issues have you fired up and ready to VOTE? Whether it’s climate change, education, income inequality, reproductive rights, all of the above or something else, here is your chance to let them know.


Here is the link to the Democratic National Committees quick issue survey:


Here is one the DCCC is collecting responses for:


You know what is at stake in November and we must show up to vote blue. Grab back and give the Democrats your opinion.  


Help Reunite Children with their Families


Your DGB for today is to donate to or volunteer for The Young Center, an organization working tirelessly to advocate for migrant children separated from their families.

Today was the deadline for the Trump Administration to reunite children age five and under with their families. It’s missing the deadline. As of today, 105 “tender-age” children are still separated and between 1,425-1,720 total are still without their parents or family members. You can check out the breakdown of the numbers here:

These children all need advocates and that’s where you come in. Volunteers with The Young Center will work as child advocates, accompanying the children to their court hearings, visiting with them, and helping the children think through difficult decisions, among other things. Sign up to volunteer through the link above. Not available to give your time? You can also donate or start a fundraising campaign.

The government that is supposed to protect these children is abusing them, and we have to step in and stand up for them. Do what you can to help today.


Collins & Murkowski and the Future of Choice


Your DGB for today is to urge Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK-R) and Susan Collins (ME-R) in the strongest terms possible to vote no on SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh for retired Justice Kennedy’s seat. Given the current makeup of the Supreme Court, this administration’s ties to white evangelicals, and its tendency towards authoritarianism, we think it’s not hyperbole to suggest that Collins and Murkowski may be all that stands between us and some Handmaids-esque dystopia.

Reproductive choice is on the line. The Christian right has been waiting for this moment: a republican president, a republican-held congress, and a bunch of vacancies on the highest court in the land. This is the perfect storm, bringing with it a chance to tip the balance on the Supreme Court with conservative justices and finally overturn Roe v. Wade.

We already knew that Trump would be choosing his next Supreme Court nominee from a list provided by the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization. Though Kavanaugh has been cagey of late about his views on abortion, his presence on the Federalist Society list means that they, at least, believe he would be anti-choice (among other unpleasant things). For more about the Federalist Society and the creepy mastermind behind it, read this terrifying piece in the Daily Beast.

We also know that Murkowski and Collins have gone on record in the past as pro-choice. But they can be wishy-washy. Collins famously broke her word not to vote for the tax cut bill, citing vague and spurious-sounding promises on the part of Mitch McConnell to “fix” the tax bill after it passed…? So we need to hold these ladies accountable to the principles they say they hold. We need their votes for the women of America to retain their rights to bodily autonomy.

Yes, we know the arguments against non-constituents calling members of congress. But this is so important, we just have to try flooding these women’s phone lines, in-boxes, and twitter feeds with pleas from all the people - non-Alaskans and non-Mainers included - whose lives will be impacted by how they vote during the confirmation process.


Flip the House: Florida

Untitled design (76).jpg

Your DGB for this weekend is to elect Florida democrats to the House of Representatives.

Unsurprisingly, Florida districts 6, 15, 16, 18, and 25 all look pretty good for republicans. We’ll ignore those for now in favor of incumbent Florida democrats in Districts 7 and 13, who could both use a fundraising boost to retain their seats this November.

and, respectively.


In Blue Wave news, Florida 26 and 27 could both flip from red with a little work on our part.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is hoping to unseat incumbent Carlos Curbelo in District 26.


And District 27 Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is retiring this year, leaving an opportunity for Hillary Clinton-endorsed Donna Shalala to take the seat.


Janelle Bynum

Untitled design (75).jpg

Your DGB for today is to support Oregon State Representative Janelle Bynum.

While out in her district as part of her reelection campaign, Rep. Bynum was rolled up on by a Sheriff’s Deputy. Come to find out that one of her constituents had called the police to report that Bynum was going door to door and typing on her phone a lot between houses. This is what’s known in most human circles as “canvassing” and isn’t usually suspicious. Unless of course you’re #CampaigningWhileBlack. We can unfortunately now add Walking While State Representative to the very long list of things you can’t do if you’re Black, which also includes activities such as mowing grass and performing voluntary community service, among many, MANY others.

Reject this kind of casual, prevalent racism by donating to Bynum’s campaign here:


Who’s Independence?

Your DGB for today is to read Frederick Douglass’ famous speech “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July.”

On Independence Day every year, Americans celebrate the United States freedom from Great Britain and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

It’s important to note that the Declaration of Independence did not mean freedom for all. Our nation continued to enslave people for almost 100 years and that is why we ask you to read this speech today.

We continue to live in trying times that leave us questioning our patriotism and we ask that you continue to fight for the country that you want.


“What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?

“I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages…

No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.”


Make Your Carbon Footprint Just Ducky

Untitled design (73).jpg

Your DGB for today is to check out the online ecological impact tracker, Ducky.

It’s been a long spring and summer (winter..fall...previous summer…previous spring...) here in the United States so if you need a mental break from the downfall of the Republic, maybe turn your attention to something less depressing, like climate change! Whether you are a noob whose efforts up to this point end at rinsing out the peanut butter jar before recycling it or an old granola-cruncher with a closet full of family cloth, there is something in the Ducky toolkit to help you decrease your environmental impact.

Start online by entering your footprint:

Registering an account allows you to record your consumption habits and help yourself manage your footprint down to the smallest detail. It’s also totally free so it won’t impact your wallet. Ducky can also help you organize a workplace or classroom challenge so you can recruit others to Mother Earth’s hippie army.

Grab quack-er... we mean BACK and go to Ducky!



Fine Feathered Friends


Your DGB for today is to read this passionate piece on the importance of birds to the world, to humanity, and take steps to protect these animals in your immediate vicinity.

As promised, the Trump administration is turning out to be the most viciously anti-environment, anti-natural world administration in US history. But even before Trump was denying climate change, doing away with environmental regulations, and otherwise running roughshod over the planet, birds have been in trouble. Pesticide use, air and water pollution, habitat destruction, aforementioned climate change, and even the humble house cat have affected bird populations.

Being an environmental voter is great, but you can actually have a big impact in very immediate ways:

  1. Keep your cats indoors, or, put a bell on ‘em to warn birds they’re coming. Felis catus is responsible for an eye-popping 2.4 billion-with-a-b bird deaths a year just in the United States.

  2. Stop using pesticides on your garden, or find ones that are less harmful to birds. Avoid neonicotinoids, especially, as they are deadly to both birds and pollinators.

  3. We know it’s kind of early to be mentioning it, when you’re done with your Christmas tree (should you celebrate), leave it in your yard as a habitat for birds instead of putting it on the curb. Same for brush piles. Your feathered friends will thank you.


We know these days it seems like so much is out of our control. These small steps are doable and have real, tangible results right in your backyard. Do it for your mental health, if nothing else. Hope is a thing with feathers.


Flip the House: Colorado


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a Colorado democrat to the House of Representatives.

Two districts are up for grabs this year. With Colorado 3 looking pretty good for incumbent republican Scott Tipton, focusing on flipping Colorado 6 is a good use of our time and money. This district has a few reasons it is a focus to flip blue. CO-6 is a diversifying area that went for Hillary in 2016. It has also seen quite a few mass shootings in the surrounding locales in the past few years. Incumbent Mike Coffman, having taken some generous donations from the NRA, is very vulnerable. He will face Jason Crow in November, an army veteran known for being an outspoken opponent of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Donate or volunteer below.



Dirty, Shameful Money


Your DGB for today is to understand who is profiting from child detention centers.

The following article is a long read, but a critical one, tying the contractors incarcerating children to the banks behind them. Make no mistake, there is big money in private detention facilities, with CEOs of firms making close to a million dollars a year on internment camps. There is value in learning the names of such contractors, as they are not widely known, and also in understanding the role of common household name banks assisting them, such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Be sure to read all the way to the graphic showing the web of money, including exact amounts.

One of the important actions you can take, if you use one of these major banks, is to move your money to a local bank or credit union. Switching banks is a huge pain in the ass, but so is being part of a structure of government that forces three year-old kidnapped children to appear alone in immigration court.



Just a Spoonful of Sugar

6-27SpoonfulofSugar.pxm .jpg

Your DGB for today is to save a bee. David Attenborough, narrator of docu-series like Planet Earth and Blue Planet, urged everyone recently to take the simple step of putting out a teaspoon of sugar water for a tired bee. The sugar water may be enough to revive the bee and allow it to return home to its colony. Why? Because however the fate of the bees goes, so goes the human diet.

Modern agriculture has come a long, long way since our ancestors first started planting cereal crops in the Fertile Crescent 13,000 years ago. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our reliance on natural pollinators like bees. Unfortunately, climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction have wreaked havoc on bee populations. About a third of the crops we eat rely to a certain extent on bee pollination. While the extinction of bees might not mean the extinction of all of us, it would have a tremendous impact on our global food system.

It’s a small act, but sometimes small acts multiplied many times are what make the difference. Grab a spoon, won’t you?


Thank You Cards


Your DGB for today is to help RAICES thank their donors by personally writing out thank you cards.

RAICES Texas is an organization working to help refugees and immigrants with legal help, as well as resettlement. They’re currently working very hard to reunite children who were separated from their parents at the border by the Trump administration. They need donations to do this work, and for every donation, they send a handwritten thank you card.

That’s where we come in. Right now, they’re asking for 10,000 thank you cards. They’re having card writing parties at their offices in San Antonio, but you can participate from all over the country. You don’t even have to wear pants. Just write the message below on thank you cards, and mail them in a Manila envelope to



802 Kentucky Ave

San Antonio, TX 78201

Here is the requested message from RAICES:

Dear (leave blank),

Thank you for your generous donation. With the help of compassionate people like you, RAICES will continue to make a difference in the lives of the families we serve.

Thank you for funding a future where all families are safe!

In Solidarity,


If you’d like to do more, you can also donate to the RAICES Leaf Project, which is currently providing representation for unaccompanied children in the United States. You can learn more about the program, and donate here:


Don’t Be Fooled: Know Your Facts


Your DGB for today is to take the Pew Research Center’s quiz on how well you can sort fact from opinion.

Contrary to what the GOP would like you to believe, all opinions are not created equal. Facts may be uncomfortable, they may be hard to face, but they have the benefit of being, well, true. The Trump regime’s constant barrage of false, ridiculous, and even bizarre assertions can warp your mind to the point that it becomes difficult to filter what is fact from what is… alternative. POTUS himself has repeated the lies that “Democrats are for open borders,” that Obama tore kids from their parents too, and that the special counsel’s investigation is a “WITCH HUNT” so many times that it makes our heads swim. But we know better, right? As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

We want you to keep your mind sharp, so take the quiz and report back.  


Flip the House: California


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect California democrats to the House of Representatives.

California districts 4, 22, and 50 look like safe bets for the republicans, whereas 7 and 24 will remain blue. That leaves a sizeable seven seats we can flip from red to blue this November.

In California, the primaries have already taken place, so we know the matchups for each race, and it looks pretty good.


If you are looking to donate or volunteer, find flippable seats and their candidates below:


California 10: Incumbent Jeff Denham (R) will face Josh Harder (D)


California 21: Incumbent David Valadao (R) is up against TJ Cox (D)


California 25: Incumbent Steve Knight (R) is challenged by Katie Hill (D)


California 39: With Ed Royce retiring, Young Kim (R) and Gil Cisneros (D) will face off for this seat


California 45: Incumbent Mimi Walters (R) will contend with Katie Porter (D)


California 48: Incumbent Dana Rohrabacher (R) has to get past Harley Rouda (D)* to keep his seat


California 49: Retiring incumbent Darrell Issa (R) will leave Diane Harkey (R) and Mike Levin (D) to battle for the seat


*This primary race is still being certified. As of this Grab, Rouda was ahead of fellow Democrat Hans Keirstead.



Find Your March


Your DGB for today is to get ready to march to keep families together.

As you likely know by now, our government spent the last month separating children from their parents, siblings, and even loveys, at our southern border.

After weeks of claiming that they were helpless to stop the self-imposed humanitarian crisis, Trump signed an executive order yesterday that ended the policy. What the order didn’t do, however, was dictate how to handle the more than 2,300 children already taken from their parents. No one is sure when, how, or even IF these kids, now spread in shelters across the country, will be reunited with their parents.

Find your local Families Belong Together march here:

And take to the streets on June 30th.