Diversify Your Instagram


Black History Month is underway and it’s time to expand your circle of Instagram follows, your beauty standards, your inspiration, and, while you’re at it, listen to some voices of color. Your DGB for today is to check out some of the awesome Black Queer and Trans gals here and click “follow”!

Not Cool, Matt Gaetz


Manuel Oliver lost his son, Joaquin, in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. On Wednesday, he attended the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on gun violence with Frank Guttenberg, who also lost his daughter Jamie that day.

Garbage Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-1) decided this hearing was a good time to start word vomiting about border walls. In response, Manuel Oliver began yelling at him, which we think was pretty human and relatable. Gaetz then asked committee Chairman Jerry Nadler if Guttenberg and Oliver could be removed. Nadler declined.

When you find yourself at odds with a grieving parent, you may be on the wrong side of an issue.

Your DGB for this weekend is to give Gaetz hell using the contact information found below.


The Virginia Sky Is Falling


At this point, a live look at Virginia politics would just be the vacuuming fire GIF.

Governor Ralph Northam dressed in blackface at least once. Should he resign, his successor would be Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. Except he’s being accused of sexual assault. If we take out those two bags of trash, we are left with State Attorney General Mark Herring. Who apparently also appeared in blackface. We at DGB can’t even. We are all out of evens.

Your DGB for today is to tell all three guys they have to go.

See Monday’s Grab for Northam’s contact information.

Justin Fairfax’s is here.

And Mark Herring can be contacted here.

We Love Stacey “I do not take political advice from Donald Trump” Abrams


Did you love listening to Abrams’ State of the Union rebuttal last night? Because if you could see our faces right now it would be a row of heart eye emojis. And If you agree, then this is going to be a very enjoyable Grab. She’s got more to say and is very adept at responding to bullshit. With another election cycle coming up next year, we would like this rising star to get more attention. Your DGB for today is to read this article Abrams wrote about identity politics and why they matter, answering some noise about the issue:


While you’re at it, she also has a TED talk (only 12 minutes and 39 seconds long):


Help keep this amazing woman in the news and onto another ballot in 2020!

Free Chest Binders


Did you know that being transgender can be a huge financial strain? There are hormone therapies, surgeries, and personal care expenses that the average cisgender person doesn’t incur. One of those that you probably haven’t thought about is chest-binding devices. Well, Point of Pride has! Your DGB for today is to read and donate below to help out a trans person.



GTFO, Ralph Northam


Good Monday morning, Grabbers! DGB is back after a month-long hiatus! We promised you fresh hell in the first week of February and we, unfortunately, won’t disappoint today.

In case you were in an underground bunker over the weekend (which we honestly wouldn’t question at this point), it turns out Virginia’s Democratic governor is a racist. Don’t make us type it out, just read about it here.

Your DGB for today is to contact Ralph Northam’s office and demand that he resign.

Please note: DGB is on vacation for the month of January!

Staff are spending this time trying to find the pieces of our brains that have scattered all over the pavement during the past two years. We will return on Monday, February 4th with fresh horror and related actions for you to take.

Thank you for continuing to grab back with us!

Hope for Haiti


We are coming up on the one year anniversary of our American president saying Haitian people have AIDS and that their country is a “shithole.” Remember that? Find our original Grab on the topic here.

Your DGB for this weekend is to team up with Hope for Haiti to support the island republic, which has historically struggled with colonial exploitation and corrupt government. Today, they need help with infrastructure and health care, among other things. Let’s show the Haitian people that the rest of the world cares.

For further reading, here are some interesting facts about the Republic of Haiti:


The Unlikable Woman


It’s 2019 and we can celebrate, ladies, because sexism is DEAD!

LOLOLOLOLOL Just kidding, it’s not even winded.

Remember how Hillary Clinton was treated by the media, even “the good ones,” the fair-minded guys and gals writing for the NYT and WaPo, or reporting on CNN and NPR? “Does she smile too much? Or... not enough?” they wondered. “Is she likable?” they asked. We can’t remember them pondering this about a single, solitary male politician, not even when the question was begging to be asked.

Well, the “likability” question is baaaaaack and shockingly, it’s still about a woman. This time, Elizabeth Warren. About two nanoseconds after she announced she had established an exploratory committee into running for president in 2020, the highly gendered hand-wringing began.

Your DGB for today is to hold the media to account for this sexist trope. Every single time they ask if Warren is “likable,” or Harris is “relatable,” or if Klobuchar is “warm enough” or “too maternal,” ask them when the last time was they talked about a male candidate like this. Call them out, and demand the press do better.

North Carolina 9 Update


Chaos still reigns in North Carolina since the state election board refused to certify Mark Harris’ self-declared and possibly stolen victory. It is now clear that no congressperson will be seated in the House of Representatives from North Carolina’s 9th district when the first session of the year begins tomorrow.

If you live in this district, your local office will open tomorrow to assist with constituent issues, managed by The Clerk of the US House of Representatives. It remains to be seen how this will affect the functionality of government there, or who will eventually fill the empty seat and how that will be determined. Less than 1,000 votes separate Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready.

Your DGB for today is to continue to support McCready using our original Grabs on NC 9 below.



Resolve To Grab Back


We are all hopeful that 2019 will be the year the law finally catches up to Donald Trump. And, don’t get us wrong, it will be something to celebrate. However, the process of undoing the damage his administration has wrought will take many years and continued public engagement. We must never go back to the complacency we felt during the Obama White House era.

Your first DGB of this year is to resolve to keep grabbing back throughout 2019 and beyond, taking no freedom or democracy for granted.

The Building Case Against William Barr


Your DGB for today is to read this piece by Joyce White Vance for Slate:


In a scathing rebuke of Trump’s choices regarding Justice Department leadership, this lays out an excellent case against confirmation for Barr, who is nominated for Attorney General, and who already cleared Trump of Obstruction of Justice in a memo no one asked for.

The Crime Report

Your DGB for today is to consider investing in a subscription to The Crime Report.

Some intriguing articles they’ve published include this one, titled Interracial Crime Study Finds Whites More Likely to Assault Blacks Than the Reverse.

A collaboration between the organization Criminal Justice Journalists and the Center on Media, Crime, and Justice at John Jay College, the site is remarkably non-partisan, award-winning, and addictively eye-opening.

The Dakota 38


The largest mass execution in the United States took place on this day in 1862 and you’ve probably never even heard of it.

Your DGB for today is to read about this particularly ugly chapter in our historically horrendous treatment of Native people here:


Fuck Butterflies, Right?


Happy Christmas Eve, Grabbers. The Supreme Court is going to allow the Trump Administration to plow through a butterfly sanctuary in Missions, Texas. Along with swaths of private land, The National Butterfly Center finds its conservation and community work in the way of Trump’s border wall project (for which we still cannot pay).

Your DGB for today is to share this incredibly stark example of pure good vs. heartbreaking cruelty with your circle. Of all the impacts of the wall, this one is hitting us particularly hard.

We See You, Whitaker


Amid a looming government shutdown, stock markets plunging, and Mattis-resignation-induced global chaos, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker made his move.

At first, Whitaker tried to plant the story that ethics officials told him he did not need to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller’s investigation. After some leaks from inside the government, the actual picture emerged. This article explains it well. Basically, Whitaker has cleared himself. Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool.

Lawmakers are heading home for the holidays, so your DGB for this weekend is to contact the Justice Department directly with your concerns.


Woody Allen Is Canceled


Hopefully most of you have already come to this conclusion on your own, but Woody Allen is unequivocal trash. Here’s a story about another teenager with whom he had a sexual relationship. This time, surprisingly, they appear not to have been relatives.

We get it, someone told you once that Allen’s movies were culturally relevant. Yeah, we all accepted a lot of things when we were freshmen in college. The taste of Jagermeister, for instance. That doesn’t mean it’s good or that we should swallow it and pretend we understand the appeal. It also doesn’t make you cool to imbibe ironically or to be deviantly contrary. We’re all set with that, too.

Your DGB for today is to quit watching Allen’s movies. Delete them from your libraries. His self-indulgent, autobiographical, pedophilic “art” can go right down the drain.

Rainforest Trust


You know what makes a great passive-aggressive holiday gift for your conservative relatives? A donation in their name to an irrefutably tree-huggy environmental cause!

Your DGB for today is to donate to Rainforest Trust, which is celebrating 30 years of conservation work. Bonus points if you donate in the name of a Climate Change denier.