Books for Prisoners


Your DGB for today is to find a way to send books to prisoners.

Despite the fact that we in the United States spend over $180 billion a year on incarceration, very little of it goes to prisoner work training, education or rehabilitation. Prisoners are subjected to isolation and lack of mental stimulation, many times leaving prison more mentally ill or violent than they were when they initially entered the place. Prison libraries can be a vital resource, offering respite from boredom and a way for inmates to connect with the outside world. These libraries need your assistance in staying stocked with a variety of current and interesting materials. Several national and regional organizations provide this kind of support and we hope that you will choose one or two to support today with your money and/or used (and appropriate - please be sure to check donation guidelines!) books.

National organizations: Prison Book Program, Books to Prisoners, Prison Book Project, Prisoners Literature Project.

Many states and regions have their own book collection programs so try searching your state name and “books for prisoners” to find out how to participate locally. You may even find chance to volunteer and Grab back that way.

Send a book, save a brain!


A Good Guy Without a Gun


Your DGB for today is to help the victims of the Waffle House shooting.

James Shaw Jr. is a national hero and single-handedly stopped the man who shot up a Waffle House in Tennessee. Not only did he prevent even more tragic deaths from happening, but Shaw also started a GoFundMe account to raise money for families who lost four beautiful lives in the tragedy. He has surpassed his meager goal, but we at DGB want to make sure the families of Joe R. Perez, age 20, DeEbony Groves, age 21, Taurean C. Sanderlin, age 29, and Akilah Dasilva, age 23, are well taken care of. To know more about the lives of the victims and their families, read here. To donate to their memorial fund, go here.

Shaw is honoring the victims and there’s a way you can honor and thank him in turn. Yashar Ali started a GoFundMe to start a college fund for Shaw’s four year old daughter. You can donate to that fund here.

Knowing there are people like James Shaw Jr in this world warms the cold dark recesses of our DGB heart. We need more people like him. And funny… the only thing that stopped a bad guy with a gun, was a great guy without one. That’s not the narrative the NRA has been feeding us.


Rohingya Crisis


Your DGB for today is to donate $5 to help Rohingya refugees.

Tragically, there there is no shortage of refugee crises these days. While the media is largely focused on the plight of Syrians, there is another group looking to escape repression and violence: the Rohingya people in Myanmar. They are a Muslim ethnic minority in a majority Buddhist country who have been subject to unspeakable atrocities at the hands of their own government. Villages have been reduced to smoking piles of rubble, the military seems to be using rape as a tool of oppression, and children are starving. Right now the bulk of the refugees have ended up in Bangladesh, which does not have the resources to properly care for one million tired and hungry newcomers.

The need is large and growing, but every dollar helps. Here are three good choices for where to send your donation:


Our own current government isn’t very friendly towards refugees, especially Muslim refugees. But we, the people, can show a better face to the world. Please give what you can.


Ted Cruz’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to help beat Ted Cruz.

In one of the most talked about senate races this year, Zodiac killer Ted Cruz is being challenged by former punk band member Beto O’Rourke and it’s thisclose, y’all.

Don’t even take the time to consider the absurdity of that sentence, just help out Beto by donating, volunteering, and amplifying his message.


Our favorite non-policy thing about O’Rourke? He likes to cuss on the campaign trail. A man after DGB hearts.


#DGB #TBT School Shootings are Real


Your DGB for this Throwback Thursday is to tell Trump to use his Twitter fingers to take down InfoWars.

More than a year has passed since this Grab asking Trump to disavow nutjob Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook conspiracy bullshit:

Since then, a Florida woman was sentenced to five months in prison for making death threats against the father of Noah Pozner, age six, who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Alex Jones has championed the spread of conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy, leading to incidents like this. Parents, including Pozner’s father, have now sued Jones for defamation.

As far as Jones’ relationship with Trump, it seems to be a bit strained these days, with Jones’s recent unhinged crying and swearing at the president over Syria strikes. Considering that Trump has flown into a Twitter rage at just about everyone from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Kristen Stewart, surely he can denounce Alex Jones over his “Fuck you, Trump”- if not for the 20 schoolchildren and tortured survivors of the Sandy Hook Massacre that was DEFINITELY REAL, BTW- then for his own fragile ego.

Let @realDonaldTrump know that someone has insulted him. You can also contact your favorite White House correspondent and encourage them to ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Trump’s response to Jones and/or the recent lawsuit.


Stop Weaponizing Your Tears

Untitled design (2).jpg

Your DGB for today is to do some reading and reflecting on the damaging ways white women use their emotions against People of Color.

The recent event in Starbucks where two Black men were arrested for no reason has prompted a powerful discussion of the ways that white people, particularly women, use emotional manipulation (dubbed acutely White Woman Tears) to terrorize People of Color. The Starbucks travesty isn’t even the most terrible example of this, that same DAY near Detroit a 14 year-old Black boy got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood and knocked on a door to ask for directions. The white woman homeowner freaked out, subsequently inspiring her husband to grab a gun and shoot at the poor kid, nearly killing him.

These stories have prompted blog posts, Twitter threads and Facebook posts from People of Color relating stories of white women acting like jerks and generally making their lives miserable. This nonsense needs to stop. Please take today to read some pieces on the phenomenon and think about how your own actions and reactions need to change.

This piece from Shay Stewart-Bouley (Black Girl in Maine):

This post by Luvvie Ajayi (Awesomely Luvvie):

This article by Louisa Leontiades (for the body is not an apology):


Do Your Part to Keep the Oceans Clean and Safe

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Your DGB for today is to help protect our oceans. This is a two part Grab, but both of them should be fairly simple for y’all. 

First, we want you to commit to reducing your plastic consumption. Whether that means stocking up on reusable grocery bags and eliminating those annoying flimsy plastic bags, or avoiding single-use plastics like straws and water bottles, we want you all to make a pledge to drastically reduce your plastic use. We are sure you all heard about the young sperm whale found off the coast of Spain recently that had 64 lbs of plastic and garbage in its digestive system? Or how about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that is literally a mass of floating trash twice the size of Texas? That is our fault, but we can do our best to fix it. By reducing our plastic consumption and recycling the plastic that we do use, we can help ensure our ocean and its inhabitants stay happy and healthy.

Next, we want you to check out Seafood Watch and make sure the critters you’re consuming from the sea are ocean-friendly and sustainable. It gives you tips on what to avoid, like some popular choices such as Atlantic cod and orange roughy; and what you can feel good about eating, like US catfish and farm raised rainbow trout.

We all need to do our best to keep our oceans clean and make sure we are eating in a way that doesn’t deplete the population of seafood that we so love. Grab back and keep those oceans healthy.


White Privilege and Standing Up


Your DGB for today is to familiarize yourself with strategies to de-escalate racist harassment and assault, especially if you have white privilege and can use it to help Black and brown folk.

Last week two Black men were arrested for hanging out at Starbucks. And a Black teenager was shot at for ringing a white person’s doorbell to ask for directions. As if we need more reminders, it is clearly not safe to be Black in this society. And PoC need more than non-racist allies, they need ANTI-racist allies willing to use their white privilege to help on the front lines. In the video taken of the Starbucks incident, you can see white people attempting to intervene with the police on behalf of the two Black men. This is a great use of their white privilege. It didn’t have the desired result in this case, but maybe if they’d had a little more information and training, it would have. Maybe someone could have convinced the Starbucks employee not to engage in racial profiling and call the cops in the first place. So check out the resources to which we’ve linked, and learn how to stand up to racism, rather than just being a bystander.

And one more thing: given the way that Black people’s lives are put at risk in encounters with the police, please think twice before calling the cops on a Black person.


Bob Corker’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to help flip a Tennessee senate seat.

Republican senator Bob Corker announced his retirement back in September of 2017 and hasn’t reconsidered despite the very real possibility of the GOP losing the seat.

Tennessee, like many red state seats that once looked unwinnable for Democrats, is very much in play.

The race will see Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-7) compete with Phil Bredesen, former Governor.

Boost Bredesen via donation or simply amplify his message at one of the links below.



Holocaust Remembrance Day


Your DGB for today is to honor the over six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

Yes, there are many haunting physical memorials you can visit and lots of literature you should read. Do those things. But, more importantly, see if your state has passed legislation requiring Holocaust education in the school system. Shockingly, fewer than ten states have such laws on the books, which may be one of the reasons a recent study showed that two thirds of millennials didn’t know what Auschwitz was, among other head shake-worthy finds.

Use this state-by-state tool to identify gaps in your state’s education on the Holocaust and let your state representatives know what they can do better:


Spoiling the Whole Bunch


Your DGB for today is to find the rotten apples.

As the #metoo movement continues to shine a light on the poor behavior of men in Hollywood, Washington D.C. and everywhere in between, it can become difficult to keep track of all the specifics. But if you are trying to cleanse your viewing habits of problematic jackassery, Rotten Apples is here for you. It’s a searchable database that allows you to input a television show or movie and then tells you whether the project has a person (cast-member, screenwriter, executive producer or director) who has a sexual misconduct allegation. It’s still growing but it’s also very easy to send the site a message if the show you enter has a known error. While writing this Grab, we discovered that The Price is Right search failed to bring up Bob “Dirty Old Man” Barker and his numerous harassment allegations. In 30 seconds the error was reported (takes only a link to an article) and the site promises to research and update.

Here’s a link to the site to Grab back and get to searching:


Making Moves for the Massacre


Your DGB for today is to make your plans for the impending firing of Robert Mueller.

Yesterday, the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office, and hoo boy is Trump big mad about. You can watch the press conference where he rants about it here:  Some of the highlights include him forgetting how long he has been president and referring to it as “what feels like a very long time.” He calls the the entire investigation a witch hunt multiple times, and even quotes a made up reporter saying the the reporter said “this is ridiculous.” He EVEN rants about Hillary Clinton and how no one is looking at her crimes (psssttt… they already did and didn’t find anything, little buddy.)

Today we want you to sign up for the rapid response team with the March for Truth to be prepared to mobilize immediately if and when Trump fires Mueller. You can also sign up to receive a text from them when the inevitable happens. Sign up now, get your signs ready, and be prepared to take to the streets.

Now, more than ever, we need to rally around Mueller.


Mascara Wands for Wildlife


Your DGB for today is to send your old mascara wands to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Since we can’t trust the government to protect the environment, more than ever it’s up to us. One small way we can help is to recycle those mascara wands we were about to toss in the trash. The refuge uses the wands to clean harmful parasites and other things from the fur and feathers of wild animals they rescue. You can send your own in, or host a party to collect more wands from your friends and family. 

We know this seems like small potatoes, but it’s tiny actions like this - multiplied by many people - that will ultimately make a big difference.


Dean Heller’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to help elect Jacky Rosen (D-NV-3) to the senate.

In 2012, sitting Nevada Senator Dean Heller won his seat by a single percentage point. In 2016, Hillary carried the state and Heller’s is considered the most endangered republican seat in the country.

DGB can independently verify that candidate Jacky Rosen is completely not insane and doesn’t even bully or fire people via Twitter. She in fact tweets policy and activism, which is refreshing in the current political climate.


See Rosen’s voting history here:


Donate to or volunteer with her campaign here:


Check out her Facebook here:


And follow her on Twitter here:



Humanity Over Walls


Your DGB for today is to help Central American refugees.

The solution to human beings fleeing epidemics of poverty and violence isn’t to build a border wall to keep them away from us here in the United States. The solution also is not sending the U.S. military to guard our border until we figure out how to build said monolithic fantasy. These things will never stop migration, but rather channel it into more dangerous methods. For a lengthy but oh-so-important read, check out this 2016 report from the International Crisis Group outlining how inhumane response to migration endangers even more populations and encourages criminal enterprise:

We’re talking about actual human people trying to get to safety. They don’t want to steal our jobs/culture/[insert nativist paranoia] and they aren’t rapists and criminals. They literally just want to live. Those who are *really* pro-life (not fetuses; actual people) can find places to donate money, supplies, and time here:

No matter what steps our corrupt government takes to further victimize and traumatize refugees, we as citizens of the world can work simultaneously to help our fellow people find safety and security.


Still Looking for that Dream

Your DGB for today is to learn some facts about the state of racism in the U.S. 50 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and get involved in the fight against it.

Today marks a dark anniversary for this country, as a half-century ago today Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Rather than posting out-of-context-quote containing memes of Dr. King to commemorate his passing, we would like you to learn about the state of race relations in today’s America. Spoiler alert: things are not good.

Article about recent findings on the outcomes of Black boys:

Article on recent report finding racial inequality remains deeply entrenched since 1968:

Article on racism and homelessness:

So what to do? You have many options.

Find and support a progressive Black candidate for office:

Find and support a minority-owned business:

Support Black Lives Matter:

Join the NAACP:

Let’s Grab back by honoring the sacrifice Dr. King made and further the fight against racism.


You Marched, Now What?


Your DGB for today is to contact your member of Congress and demand they have a town hall this recess.

We marched alongside the amazing kids of Stoneman Douglas on March 24th, and they have another school walkout planned for April 20th, but in the meantime, they are calling for the Town Hall Project. Invite your member of Congress to hold a town hall this weekend, and if they refuse, invite their opponent.

The website has a place for you to submit town halls, check to see if one is happening in your area, and find out what you can expect to happen at a town hall. There’s even a section that shows all 157 members of Congress who haven’t held a town hall since January 1st, 2017, and you know DGB loves a good public shaming.

So join the kids of Marjory Stoneman Douglas again, as they do the work adults should be doing, and push your member of Congress to hold a town hall meeting, and IF you do get them to hold one, let us know! Send us pictures of you attending. We want to be a part of this, right alongside you guys.


Sinclair Broadcasting


Your DGB for today is to check out this list of TV stations and if your local station turns out to be part of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, please boycott the hell out of it.

What is Sinclair Broadcast Group and why should you care? As is more and more common in this day and age, we must turn to comedy for the answer. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has a brilliant segment on the company that explains what you need to know. Basically, Sinclair is a right-leaning, pro-Trump outfit that owns an alarming number of local outlets, and it is sneakily inserting its agenda into TV news across the country. A deal in the works to merge with another broadcast group makes Sinclair more relevant - and dangerous - than ever.

Recently, Sinclair sent a script to its affiliates that it required newscasters to deliver.  The script has your local anchors delivering a speech that decries the current rise of “fake news” and vowing to offer a more balanced view. The trouble is, that what they are calling fake news is the same stuff Trump calls fake news. You know - FACTS. This mandatory announcement sounds okay on the surface, but actually signals a sort of Trumpist “both-sides-ism.” And as we all know, sometimes there really AREN’T good people on both sides.

So we’re asking you to boycott these Sinclair-owned stations. Let them know you won’t be watching, and why. If your market has a competitor, give them some love. And share your actions on social media.

Deb Fischer’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to work on ousting Deb Fischer from the senate because she sucks.

We tend to think of Nebraska as blood red, but in 2012, during the last battle for her seat, Fischer only beat democratic challenger Bob Kerrey 57% to 42%. It was a general election year and people were turning out pretty big for Obama. It was no 2008, but it was still a midsize blue wave, with Democrats gaining a net of two senate seats nationwide. In 2008, Nebraska even awarded one of her electoral votes to Barack, proving the Omaha area to be quite progressive. Still not convinced we can flip a senate seat there? For comparison, prior to Doug Jones’ quick snag of an Alabama senate seat late last year, republicans had easily taken past seats in the state by upwards of 30 percentage points- twice that of the Fischer/Kerrey race- and Jones still pulled it off. Another blue wave is cresting over America and this one is poised to be a tsunami. Nebraska is well within our reach.

Jayne Raybould needs our help to fundraise and gain social media presence. Follow her on Twitter @JayneRaybould and Facebook.

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice


Your DGB for today is to support Million Hoodies.

As wonderful as it has been to have our country listen to the students of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Black and Brown kids just like them have been screaming about their communities being gunned down and we need to remember their voices.

Hoodies dates back to 2012, when Black teenager Trayvon Martin was murdered because he “looked suspicious.” It’s a social justice movement for youth of color, and we don’t want to infiltrate, dictate, or affect their mission with our lame adulthood or whiteness. We simply want you to donate, shop their store, and text “SUPPORTER” to 508 928 8555.


You can also contribute by rounding up your change from credit card transactions here:

Of course, if you are a young person of color, please get more directly involved and see if Million Hoodies has a good local fit for you.