Don’t Burn Your Bra, Recycle It


Do you have a couple of gently-used bras that haven’t put in any flying time lately? Maybe that band never felt quite right. Perhaps Righty stayed put just fine but Lefty always had some spillover issues. The folks over at ThirdLove have got some suggestions for what to do with those brassieres that are collecting dust instead of crumbs. Your DGB for today is to find a way to put them to use. Way too many bras end up in a landfill every year because we just don’t think to donate or recycle them when we clean out our closets.

First go here to the ThirdLove blog post:

Next, follow their directions on who, what, and where to donate your stuff (some of these places take lingerie and swimsuits, too!) Finally, find a bra and send it off.

Grab back some breast support for someone in need.

Refuge Restroom


Your DGB for today is to help fellow citizens have access to safe restrooms.

When you are transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming, your entire day has to be structured around where you will use the restroom and if you will face harassment for doing so. Using public bathrooms is risky enough without worrying about bigots, don’t you think?

Refuge Restroom has a searchable database of safe facilities, but also uses crowdsourcing to increase locations. When you see a restroom that’s accessible to all individuals regardless of their gender, please submit it!

Download the App for iPhone or Android below:

Flip the House: North Carolina


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a North Carolina democrat to the House of Representatives.

May saw big drama in North Carolina’s 9th District with Incumbent Republican Robert Pittenger having the undesirable distinction of being the only such candidate to lose his party’s primary. GOP candidate Mark Harris will instead face Democrat Dan McCready in November.

Support his campaign below


Rest in Power, Botham Shem Jean


Your DGB for today is to support the movement and the activists who seek to end police violence against Black and brown folks. While the MAGA crowd was making fools of themselves by burning their own damned shoes to protest Nike, Colin Kaepernick, and human decency, yet another Black man was shot by a police officer for... *checks notes*... sitting in his own apartment. Botham Shem Jean was in his home when off-duty cop Amber Guyger either walked in or forced her way in (the story is ever-changing) and shot Jean once, killing him. And then she was allowed by the Dallas PD to leave the scene of the crime. It took three days to arrest her. None of this is right.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, representing the Jean family, said, “I have to believe based on experience that her decision to use deadly force in the way that she did was influenced by the fact that she was standing in front of a black male and that our society has allowed law enforcement to use deadly force in unnecessary situations against black men with impunity.”

Here are some things you can do to support the movements aimed squarely at the systems that allows these killings to go on and fails to hold police properly accountable:

Support the Black Lives Matter organization:


Check out Campaign Zero, which aims to end police violence:

Get informed and involved with  

Become a part of an organization working to end the injustices that hold Black people back:

If you’re white, see these resources:

It’s no longer (if it was EVER) ok to simply be non-racist and non-white supremacist. We have to be actively fighting racism and white supremacy. Make Botham Shem Jean’s death mean something - make a real difference.

KavanAUGHHHHH Make It Stop


Your DGB for today is to aggressively lobby Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME).

Despite being the least popular nominee in a generation, perjuring himself, and being handpicked to prepare for a president with criminal liability, Brett Kavanaugh looks on track for confirmation to the highest court in the land. Big talkers like Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker appear to be lost causes in the fight for our democracy, leaving us to again rely on women to stand between us and aspiring dictator Trump. There are tons of reasons to vote against Kavanaugh, but we will be pushing Murkowski and Collins on reproductive rights. Neither want to see Roe overturned and we expect them to vote accordingly.

D.C. Office number: 202 224 6665


D.C. Office number: 202 224 2523


Turn Your Blue Jeans Into Insulation


Is your formerly favorite pair of denims more run away than runway? Has your Canadian tuxedo been hanging in the closet longer than it hung on your body? Has the tattered look ventured too far into rag territory to be socially acceptable for public wear? Your DGB for today is to find a pair of jeans to recycle with the Blue Jeans Go Green Program.

You can find out more about the initiative here:

And donate here:

Click the Mailing Guideline link on that page to find out how to mail them in and even print out a mailing label.

If the thought of turning your old Calvin Kleins into insulation gets you super motivated, Blue Jeans Go Green will also help you put together a denim drive. Scroll down that same page and click on the Get Details link for information.

Grab back some denim out of the dump.

Protest Wear


Your DGB for today is to suit up for The Resistance.

You’ve probably heard that Nike has landed on Trump’s shitlist due to their embrace of spokesman Colin Kaepernick with their new Just Do It campaign.

In the flurry of hysterical sneaker-burning and buying that followed, you may have missed another company boosting a progressive movement. Levi Strauss & Co., which has never been embroiled in a child labor scandal, pledged $1 million to support activists trying to end gun violence. CEO Chip Bergh explained the decision:

"It's inevitable that we're going to alienate some consumers, but we can no longer sit on the sidelines and remain silent on this issue."

Signing up for email will earn you an extra 20% off and free shipping

You’ll need those jeans and sneakers for all the canvassing and protesting you’re sure to continue doing for the foreseeable future.

Flip the House: New York


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect New York democrats to the House of Representatives.

Most incumbents in New York look like they’ll be holding onto their seats, red and blue alike. There are, however, two flippable seats in the tossup category this November. Both need social media followers and donations.

Antonio Delgado is trying to unseat John Faso in District 19



And Anthony Brindisi is challenging Claudia Tenney in District 22



Fear & Loathing in Washington, DC


Your DGB for today is to take a wee break from saving the world and have some fun. Do these three things to be entered into a drawing for a copy of Bob Woodward’s “Fear: Trump in the White House.”

1. Head on over to Twitter and follow us @DailyGrabBack, if you don’t already. 2. Tweet @DailyGrabBack with your best guess as to the identity of the New York Times’ Deep Throat. 3. Retweet our tweet about today’s Grab to be entered into a drawing for a copy of Bob Woodward’s book.

Yesterday was a rough day for #45, and over here at DGB the schadenfreude was palpable. First, excerpts of two-time Pulitzer-winner Bob Woodward’s book were all over social and traditional media, and they do NOT paint a flattering picture of Dear Leader. Then, last evening, an anonymous op-ed in the NYT by a “senior official” in the White House described a team of babysitters that manage the Toddler-in-Chief behind the scenes (and behind his back) so he doesn’t blow up the world on a daily basis. Ouch! That’s gotta sting.

But who IS this masked man (or woman)? Dan Coates? Kellyanne Conway? Barron? Come on, all you Nancy Drews, get out your comically-oversized magnifying glass and start sleuthing. We’ll announce the winner on Saturday.


On the Other Side Of Freedom: The Case For Hope


Your DGB for today is to pick up DeRay Mckesson’s new book, which came out yesterday.

If you aren’t already familiar with Mckesson, you should be following him on Twitter @deray

A prominent Baltimore Black Lives Matter activist and host of Pod Save The People, DeRay talks about his debut book here:

In times like these, we can all benefit from being told there’s a case for hope.


Find Out How Give Your 2 Cents Effectively


Do you encounter Federal regulations in your daily work or play? Most of us do at one level or another. And because you have relevant background, education and/or experience do you sometimes find those rules are informed by outdated, even archaic, data and expertise? Well, there is something you can do about it.

The good people at The Brookings Institution have put together a handy guide for giving good feedback on Federal rules and rule changes. Our understaffed government needs all the solid, fact-based, information it can get right now. Your DGB for today is to read the article about participating in our democracy in this way here: You can download the guide here:

Then Grab back by giving an informed opinion.



Stop Kavanaugh Tweet Storm


Your DGB for today is to participate in this evening’s #StopKavanaugh Twitter movement.

Short update on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination: the Trump administration is citing executive privilege to prevent Senators from reviewing hundreds of pages of his records and Trump is still an unindicted co-conspirator in at least one federal case.* To sum up, this remains a nomination by an illegitimate president with a coverup to push it through. Democracy, y’all.

Follow this link to the Google Sheet you’ll use to automatically compose your tweets (you will have to log in once):

The event begins at 8:00pm eastern, 5:00pm Pacific and you can feel free to also add your own #NoKavanaugh tweets.

*As of the writing of this Grab, more likely to be added


Flip the House: New Jersey


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect New Jersey democrats to the House of Representatives.

New Jersey is a special state this November because it has four flippable seats. With New Jersey 5 a safe bet for incumbent Democrat Josh Gottheimer, republicans can get almost completely swept out on election day.

Support District 2 candidate Jeff Van Drew here:


Andrew Kim is running in District 3:


Tom Malinowski faces a tough race in District 7:


And damn qualified Mikie Sherrill is ready to take District 11:


Support Andrew Gillum’s Florida Gubernatorial Bid


Your DGB for today is to help elect Florida’s first Black governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum. On Tuesday Gillum emerged victorious from a crowded field in the primary, and many believe he represents the future of the Democratic party. An outspoken progressive, Gillum was an early supporter of Obama’s historic 2008 campaign and a surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigned for him in the lead-up to the primary, and he received the seal of approval from gun law reform group Moms Demand Action. See his complete platform here: And read this New Yorker interview.

Of course, the bigoted mud-slinging from the right has already started. Within hours of Gillum’s victory, his GOP opponent and die-hard Trumper Ron DeSantis used a vile, racist dog-whistle in an interview on - you guessed it - Fox “news.”

We focus a lot on the Blue Wave in Congress, but governorships are equally important to the cause. To support this terrific candidate, go here to donate money or volunteer to knock on doors, etc.

Follow @AndrewGillum on Twitter and/or on Facebook - retweet and share to spread his message.


Need A Lyft To the Polls?


Your DGB for today is to make sure everyone can get to the polls this November.

Can you believe midterms are only 69 days away? This year, Lyft is helping to combat voter suppression by offering 50% off rides on election day to everyone, and free rides to underserved communities.

Download the app to get your coupon.


Is Your School District Segregated?


Wait, school segregation - wasn’t that ended in, like, the

1960s? During that black-and-white photo era, nothing we need to worry about now, right? Our modern public schools don’t even SEE color! Well no, actually, that is wrong, wrong, and not even close to the case. In fact, Southern public schools are racially segregated at pretty much the same rate they were in the 1960s and other regions aren’t doing much better. The gerrymandering that has succeeded in keeping the GOP in power, despite dwindling voter ranks, is the very same force being used to keep schools separate and unequal. Alvin Chang at Vox has written an excellent article about the subject and went so far as to provide a handy widget, armed with data from a recent study on the topic, so that you can find out if your own local district is helping or hurting this problem. Your DGB for today is to read the article here:

Studies have shown that all children, both white and minority, benefit from attending a diverse school. Let’s grab that opportunity back for them.



Throwback Not Even Thursday Anymore


Your DGB for today is to see this Grab and this one and this one and also this one. Oh, and this one and this one and this one and also this one.

Yet again, there has been another mass shooting. At this point, DGB could be dedicated only to gun violence activism and still never run out of Grabs. Over and above all the resources linked above, here’s an upsetting resource to share to your social media accounts today:


Flip the House: New Hampshire


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a New Hampshire democrat to the House of Representatives.

Democrat Carol Shea-Porter is retiring from her position as representative from New Hampshire’s 1st District after just one term. Polling at republican +2 this is a serious race. Primaries take place September 11th and DGB is partial to Naomi Andrews, former Chief of Staff to Shea-Porter. Andrews is a Moms Demand candidate and outspoken critic of Trump.


Violence Against Women Act


Your DGB for today is to get your elected reps to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, as it is due to expire next month.

In the past, this bill has always had bipartisan support, and has always been reauthorized when it came up on the floor. Yet this time, the reauthorization bill has zero Republican co-sponsors and little if any GOP support. We think we know why. Since a gun is the most common weapon in domestic murders, this bill seeks to make it harder for domestic violence perpetrators to keep their guns. Well, as you can imagine, this goes over like a lead balloon with the NRA-owned GOP. Protect women, or protect murder-sticks? Hmmmm… Tough choice.

Please call your members of congress and urge them to re-authorize this critical piece of legislation. If your representatives are Republican, lean on them to co-sponsor this bill, because the health and safety of women *should* be bipartisan… right?


Nationwide Prison Strike

Untitled design (34).jpg

Buried in the news of yesterday’s Conviction Christmas In August was the start of the Nationwide Prison Strike.

Here’s a rundown on the history of this strike organization:

Your DGB for today is to check out the press release for this event below and follow one of the steps they outline to support exploited prison workers.