Whitaker Should Recuse


Your DGB for today is to call for Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s immediate recusal from the Mueller investigation.

Trump, in a particularly Trumpian move, fired racist Keebler elf Jeff Sessions before the ink had even dried on our ballot bubbles. He’s been frothing at the mouth to fire Sessions ever since Sessions recused himself from overseeing an investigation into the very campaign he was a part of. It was actually the right and ethical move, but Trump doesn’t care about that. After he canned Sessions, Trump made yet another problematic appointment - Matthew Whitaker to Acting AG. Whitaker ALSO has ethical issues that prevent him from being the right person to oversee the Mueller investigation. In this case, his conflicts of interest include his close ties to Sam Clovis (a key witness) and his previous statements about how to starve the special counsel of funds.

Clearly, he must also recuse himself. Let’s flood the Dept. of Justice with Americans calling for him to do just that. Call the DoJ at (401) 709-5000 and register your concerns.

Make A Voting Plan


If you haven’t voted early, your DGB for today is to make a voting plan for tomorrow.

It’s been two years since Trump was elected, can you believe it? Kudos to you for enduring this nightmare! Now, we have a chance to constrain his power by voting blue across the country and down every ticket. Plan to fit voting into your day tomorrow before work, at lunchtime, or at the end of your day. Also plan how you will get to the polls. Here you’ll find an array of discounted ways to travel tomorrow. Happy Midterms!

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 1 Day

Flip the House: West Virginia


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a West Virginia democrat to the House of Representatives.

Richard Ojeda (D) is running against Carol Miller (R) in a race for the 3rd district that is a virtual tie despite being in a crimson red area. Help out Ojeda below.


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 4 Days

Know Your Voting Rights


Your DGB for today is to check out the particulars of voting in your state on this web site, and write down the number for the voter protection hotline on your arm in sharpie: 866-OUR-VOTE.

Make sure you know whether you need an ID, whether or not you’re registered, and where your polling place is. Even if you think you know the answers already, check again. All over the country, Republicans have been up to no good, purging voter rolls, enacting “exact-match” ID laws, and closing or moving polling locations. They are The Worst. If you suspect shenanigans on election day, call that hotline.

Best of luck, Grabbers.  It’s up to all of us, now.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 5 Days

Save Endangered Democrats Part 2

10-24EndangeredDemocrats copy.jpg

Your DGB for today is to donate to a progressive candidate before the trick-or-treating begins.

Missouri’s Claire McCaskill is currently trailing her challenger.


In Montana, Trump is still pissed at Jon Tester for taking down Ronny Jackson and is going hard for his opponent. Tester is still up slightly, but can’t afford to slip.  


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 6 Days

Vote with Your Wallet


Your DGB for today is to check out the organization Goods Unite Us and find out how your favorite companies are spending their money. Let us start by saying that we recognize a certain level of privilege exists in the ability to make choices about where you spend money. And if avoiding companies that donate to the GOP means you burn enough fossil fuels to melt an entire glacier, by all means ignore this Grab! But this could be a handy and valuable tool for the consumer that is concerned with using their dollar(s) to take a political stand.

Here is their website, just plug the company name in and go: https://goodsuniteus.com

They have mobile apps for both IOS and Android. So you can check your brands while you shop!

Grab back some cash from the GOP coffers.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 7 Days



Your DGB for today is to support the ideals held by the Tree of Life Synagogue.

We won’t rehash the disgusting turn our country took this past weekend, but we will tell you to honor those who lost their lives by building up the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which has worked tirelessly around the world to help refugees rebuild their lives for over 130 years.


Quick donation link here:


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 8 Days

Flip the House: Washington


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a Washington democrat to the House of Representatives.

With current seat-holder Dave Reichert retiring, District 8 has the opportunity to elect Kim Schrier in this toss-up rated race.


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 11 Days

See Something, Say Something


Your DGB for today is to be vigilant.

It’s a scary world out there. People are mailing bombs and there’s the ever-looming threat of another mass shooting. No one wants to live in fear, but the times call for extra caution. If you see someone saying hateful things on social media, don’t dismiss it as all talk. Report to the platform and perhaps law enforcement if the threats are targeted. For other guidelines, see this site:


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 12 Days

Save Endangered Democrats Part 1


Your DGB for today is to help two incumbent democrats fend off challengers.

It’s down to the wire in several key races, but today we focus on Florida and Indiana.

Donate to Florida’s Bill Nelson here:


And to Indiana’s Joe Donnelly here:


Our Political Party System May Be Binary But Our Candidate’s Gender Need Not Be


The Trump Administration threw another gut punch the other day with an announcement that it’s now moving toward defining gender as “immutable” and defined at birth by genitalia. While we suspect that Trump’s understanding of transgender issues is something like “dislike because Obama”, unfortunately he has a whole cabal of people in his bureaucracy that are malicious and clever enough to figure out how to write their personal contempt into law. You DGB for today is to respond to this by channeling your rage into the upcoming midterms. Or more particularly, channel your specific outrage to this specific nonsense by specifically supporting a transgender candidate. Let’s put people in power that are living this experience. Logan Casey, a political scientist, has done the work of gathering a list of transgender candidates. Go to this link, find someone, and donate, follow and/or volunteer for their campaign. The list is on the left side of the page, candidates still in play are in green.


Grab a vote and stop erasure.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 14 Days

Early Voting


Your DGB for today is to get the word out about early voting in your state.

As with any responsibility, saving voting for the last minute isn’t always the best idea. Use Vote.org’s early voting guide to see if the window is open in your state.


Then share on social media!

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 15 Days

Flip the House: Virginia


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect Virginia democrats to the House of Representatives.

All four Virginia districts holding elections for the House of Representatives in November are flippable, which is great news. Donate a dollar to each democratic woman below. If you can only donate to one campaign, DGB recommends Leslie Cockburn because we’ve never seen a candidate with a name so perfectly suited to being the theme of 2018 midterms/our new favorite verb.

District 2, Elaine Luria https://elaineforcongress.com/

District 5, Leslie Cockburn https://www.lesliecockburnforcongress.com/

District 7, Abigail Spanberger https://abigailspanberger.com/

District 10, Jennifer Wexton https://jenniferwexton.com/

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 18 Days

Listen Up, Good Guys - You Gotta Do Better


The DGB for today is just for the dudes. Ladies, take a load off. Read a book, sip a latte, go for a run, set a fire - whatever floats your boat.

Fellas, we gotta talk. We’ve got bad news for you. It’s not good enough that you change your share of nappies and haven’t assaulted anyone. Just being a decent human isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’ve got to do better by the other half of humanity. You can start by listening - er, reading - but after that…? Do better. Much, much better.

Because we women are very, very tired.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 19 Days

Fun with Parasites


Want to mindlessly waste time on the internet but also help a scientist? We know: we had you at “mindlessly.” Check out of the exhausting news cycle for a minute or two and play this addictive game, MalariaSpot Bubbles. It’s a crowd-sourcing innovation from the Technical University of Madrid that allows you, a regular person, to spot REAL malaria parasites and assist in diagnosis all over the world without leaving your couch or spending years in academia.

Read more about the project here: https://malariaspot.org/es/malariaspot-5/

And play the game here: https://bubbles.malariaspot.org

Grab your mouse and cure some malaria.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 20 Days

Save Heidi


Your DGB for today is to help North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp keep her senate seat.

During the BeerBeerBeer confirmation process, Sen. Heitkamp showed fellow red state democrats and moderate republicans what courage is by voting against Brett despite being at least 12 points behind challenger Kevin Cramer. Did she vote in her own interest? Nope. She voted her conscience. Heidi tried to save our country and now it’s our turn to try to save her North Dakota seat. Donate and even phone bank from out of state below.


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 21 Days

Keep Protests Free


Your DGB for today is to tell the government we won’t give up our right to peaceful protest.

In a move that flew mostly under the radar, the Trump Administration has proposed Parks Department regulations that limit demonstrations near the White House and on the National Mall. Read the full ACLU article here:


The regulation is open for public input at the link below. Comments must be submitted before midnight tonight!


Countdown to Midterm Elections: 22 Days

Flip the House: Utah


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a Utah democrat to the House of Representatives.

This race has recently been categorized as a toss-up, having previously polled very well for the GOP. Now, Utah’s 4th District incumbent Republican Mia Love faces a tough reelection campaign next month. Donate to her competitor, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, here.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 25 Days

No Time for Despair: Climate Change


Your DGB for today is to get in touch with your governor about what steps can be taken at the state level to combat climate change.

Scientists have long been sounding the alarm about climate change and politicians have often lacked the political courage to do what needs to be done to prevent catastrophe. That is, when they weren’t calling it a Chinese hoax or left wing hype. Now a report has come out from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which says in no uncertain terms that unless we take bold steps, like, NOW, we are in deep doo-doo.

We know that the Trump administration isn’t going to do anything about it. It has stripped the federal government of science positions and boards, strangled the EPA, deregulated industry, pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, and generally run roughshod over Mother Earth. In the face of such reckless behavior, states are taking up the cause. In September, 17 governors announced a bipartisan alliance with a set of policies aimed at fighting global climate change.

Your job is to get in touch with your governor. If he or she is part of the alliance (check here), tell them thank you! Politicians need to hear from constituents when they’re doing a good job, too. If he or she is NOT on the list, let them know how unhappy you are about that and why.

And if you, like many of us, get a panic attack at the impossible place we find ourselves in, read this excellent piece in Vox: https://www.vox.com/first-person/2018/10/11/17963772/climate-change-global-warming-natural-disasters

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 27 Days