Paul Ryan's Affordable Care Act Quiz

Paul Ryan has asked Americans to call his office and take a short phone survey on the Affordable Care Act. Your DGB for today is to make the call and take the survey. Here are the steps and what to expect:

  1. Call 202-225-3031

  2. Wait through a long and maddeningly partisan message about the ACA

  3. You’ll be asked to press "1" to express support or "2" to express opposition to what Ryan calls “Obamacare.”

If the mailbox isn’t full, you can leave a voicemail. If you leave a voicemail, here’s a script:

“Hello Speaker Ryan. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I support Obamacare, as do the more than half of Americans, according to a 2016 national Gallup poll. I ask you to please put the health and productivity of American families before political gamesmanship. I also ask you to stop spreading misinformation, like your recent statement that the ACA is bankrupting Medicare, which has been debunked by the non-partisan Thank you."