Standing with Standing Rock

On Sunday evening, there was a clash between the protestors at the Dakota Access Pipeline and local law enforcement. Deputies of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department deployed water cannons in temperatures of 28 degrees. This degrading and potentially life threatening tool of crowd control should be opposed.

Your DBG for today is to call the office of North Dakota’s Governor Jack Dalrymple and ask them to denounce the response to protestors.

Here’s the phone number and a script you can use:


Phone: 701.328.2200


“Hello, My Name is (X), and I’m from (city, state). I’m calling today because I am a concerned citizen that cannot stand by and watch people targeted with water cannons at freezing temperatures. I’m calling to ask the Governor to publicly denounce the use of water cannons and other dangerous crowd control tactics on the protestors of the Dakota Pipe Line and that he ask the Morton County Sheriff’s Department to halt the use of these practices. Thank you.“


Let’s keep their phone ringing so they will know we’re watching!