Support Real Journalism

Your DGB for today is to support REAL journalism!


As citizens, it is our duty to be informed. But in the age of social media, we are consuming highly-filtered “information” from a few sources. It’s time to stretch the quality and scope of information you consume and lend your support to authentic and thorough investigative journalism - the kind that doesn’t come packaged with a catchy meme about who got destroyed or had a mic drop. Today we ask you to read an old-fashioned print newspaper. Yes, a paper that you can actually hold in your hands.


Why is this an improvement over reading the stories you hear about on social media even if they come from reputable media sources? Because if you get all your news online, you likely only see the most discussed stories of the day. Trending topics obscure other important stories and local and foreign news is not be shared as much. We encourage you to tap into alternatives. Whether it be a local newspaper, an international newspaper, different websites, and, if you can afford it, a print newspaper subscription that will commit you to reading a variety of stories on a regular basis.


If you can’t afford a daily subscription, try the Sunday paper. Or, from time to time buy a paper from your local newsstand, and regularly browse the main pages of different types of online outlets.


Here are links to some of the most popular national and international papers. Don’t forget to look out for corporate, student, or other discounts that may apply to you, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.


The New York Times


The Washington Post


Los Angeles Times


The Wall Street Journal