Call to Action - Betsy Devos


Your DGB for today is to tell your senator to vote NO for Betsy DeVos’ appointment to Secretary of Education. DeVos is totally unqualified for this position with no background in education, has never even attended a public school or sent her children to one. She is also a strong supporter and advocate for a voucher system which funnels federal and state dollars away from public education, weakening the quality of education in both public and private systems. You can participate in today’s action in one of two ways:

Send a letter with this site:

Network for Public Education - Tell Your Senator to Vote No for Betsy Devos


Or sign this petition:

Move On Petition - Defend Public Education


This article describes two likely scenarios that would ensue if DeVos is confirmed by Congress. It also contains details from the  ACLU MI chapter regarding Betsy DeVos’ foundation’s efforts in that state:

Washington Post - What’s the Worst That Could Happen with Betsy Devos as Education Secretary: Two Scenarios