Support Women's Health


Your DGB for today is to find out which clinics in your community offer free or discounted women’s health services and donate money or time to them. Often these clinics have specific needs, so it’s a good idea to check out their website or contact them to see what those are.

To find local women’s health clinics use Needy Meds, an online resource of free or sliding scale medical services. Simply enter your zip code, and read the description of services offered to find low cost health care providers available to women in your area.

DGB is run by women, and access to health care (including reproductive rights) is a critical issue for us. The incoming Trump administration has been open about plans to cut funds to many women’s health clinics across the country. Changes to the ACA may also reduce access to birth control.

O'Neill Institute - 3 Ways the Trump Administration May Undermine Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in the U.S. and Abroad

Many clinics that offer free or discounted reproductive health services have seen a spike in demand for birth control, especially IUDs.

NPR - Spike in Demand for Long Acting Birth Control Strains Clinic Budgets

These clinics need our support right now in order to continue to provide key services to women in their communities. After the election, we saw an awesome increase in donations to Planned Parenthood, but many other clinics have not seen equal support. We need to spread out our donations to all clinics in order to reach women throughout the country. Many areas are served by local clinics instead of Planned Parenthood.