Fight Fake News on Facebook

One of the most damaging aspects to appear in the 2016 election cycles is the rise and dominance of fake news on the internet. Your DGB for today is to get started fighting these fake news stories and stop them from spreading around and becoming “fact” to many people. Report as many fake news posts as you have time for, but we ask that you report at least one. Let’s work together to cut off the views and revenue to these unethical sites and stifle the damage they cause. First, take a minute to read one or both of these stories on spotting fake news:






Now follow these steps:

  1. Go here and find some of the bad actors from the site linked above.

  2. In the upper right dropdown arrow menu of a post, select “report post”

  3. Select “I think it shouldn’t be on facebook”

  4. Select “it’s a false news story”

  5. Select “hide all from (poster)”


There are different flavors of sensationalized news, from pure fakes to merely partisan news on both sides of the aisle. Today, we ask you to find the fakes and Grab Back.