Feeding the Babies of Aleppo

Your DGB for today is getting food to infants in Aleppo. If you’ve read the stories about the parents and children stuck in Aleppo, we’re sure you’re as heartbroken as we are and wondering what you can do to help. DGB has found a small but significant way to make a difference. Aleppo is suffering from large shortages of formula for infants. The Karam Foundation’s #milk4syria campaign has been working tirelessly on this and we ask you to help them in their efforts by donating the cost of at least one can of formula. Anything you can spare will help in feeding these babies.

Please spread this DGB widely because the lives of infants and children in and around Aleppo desperately depend on these organizations delivering food to them. At DGB, we believe it’s important to Grab Back both locally and abroad. Humanity is without borders.

Please read more about what it’s like raising infants and children in Aleppo here.