Multicultural Book Donation to Preschools

Your DGB for today is to defeat implicit bias by donating a book featuring black or brown lead characters to your local Head Start Preschool.

While some adults may be beyond the reach of examining their attitudes towards race, children are receptive, teachable, and capable of shaping the future into the integrated and open world we desire for them. Media being predominantly white, bias begins early and white normalcy is something we need to combat. Children of all races need to see themselves and others in the media they consume; representation matters. This alone will not fix racism, a complex issue embedded in the fabric of our society, but it’s one of the places you can start or continue your work dismantling white supremacy.

Read more about the importance of public preschool here.

Find your local Head Start Preschool here.

Browse a list of books with black and brown protagonists for children of all ages here.

Or use one of our DGB suggested books for toddlers and preschoolers, which you can find used and new here, and a board book for those little ones who devour literature in a literal and not just figurative sense here.

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