International Migrants Day

Today is International Migrants Day and your DGB is to learn about the contributions migrants provide our country and share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Knowledge is power, friends. Here are a few simple facts you can use to respond to false narratives about undocumented migrants in America today:


Undocumented Migrants Pay Taxes. Undocumented migrants pay 12 Billion dollars in taxes to social security  alone, per year. Most of these people will never be able to collect their contributions to social security.  They also pay sales taxes and property taxes, and many pay federal and state taxes.


Undocumented Migrants Do Not Drain Welfare Programs. Claims that migrants drain our welfare programs are false. By and large they do not qualify for them. The only exception is education. Only those who are legally documented migrants qualify for most of the benefits.


Undocumented Migrants Are Not Taking Our JobsStudies show that immigrants and natives compete for different jobs. Undocumented migrants often do jobs native born Americans do not typically do such as agricultural work, house cleaning, and food service. Native born Americans without high school diplomas tend to seek jobs as cashiers, truck drivers, and janitors.


Undocumented Migrants Do Not Bring CrimeImmigrants are less likely to engage in criminal activity than their native counterparts. Using a story of one undocumented migrant who engaged in criminal activity is a political ploy that obscures the facts: by and large undocumented migrants do not pose a threat to society. Building a wall won’t stop the crime being committed by homegrown citizens.

Educate yourself and your circle today to spread appreciation for the rich culture and hard work the migrant community brings to our diverse nation.