Campaign for Foster Campbell


If you have read the description in our About section you know that the Daily Grab Back is a nonpartisan, progressive organization. So you might find today’s DGB to be surprising. However, whether you affiliate with a party or not we all have a clear mandate to do what we can to stop, slow and derail the Trump Administration whenever possible. That being the case, we think that it is an excellent time for our first endorsement of a candidate, Democrat Foster Campbell.

Foster Campbell is a Democrat running for Senate in the State of Louisiana against Republican nominee John Kennedy. The election is December 10th, a runoff election due to no one candidate receiving enough votes on November 8. If he wins it would be the one final chance to help block Trump’s conservative agenda, bringing the Senate from a split of 52/48 to 51/49.  Campbell will need all the help he can get to get out the vote.

You can read more here about the Foster Campbell Election Effort here:

The Hill - Democrats Have One Final Shot to Flip a Senate Seat

Your DGB for today is to help the Foster Campbell campaign by donating, volunteering by phone banking, speaking with any progressive you know who lives in Louisiana, or voting for him if you live in Louisiana.  

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