Reject Rick Perry’s Nomination

Your DGB for today is to call or email your senators and ask that they oppose Trump’s nomination of Rick Perry for Energy Secretary.

Back in 2011, when Rick Perry was running for President, he famously forgot the name of the Department of Energy, but did remember he wanted to eliminate it completely, along with the Department of Commerce and the Department of Education.

In Trump’s apparent commitment to ironic cabinet picks, he has now tapped Rick Perry to lead the DOE. When you’ve finished shaking your head, find the contact information (we like to email) for your senators here and use this script:

    “As an engaged citizen, I ask that you oppose the confirmation of Rick Perry as DOE Secretary on the grounds that he is not only unqualified, but also a science denier.”

As we look forward to the first night of Hanukkah this evening, let us honor the Festival of Lights by keeping this dim bulb far away from the Department of Energy.