HIV/AIDS Knowledge

Your DGB for today is to use our interactive links to increase your knowledge about HIV/AIDS and share with your circle.

Those who are living with the disease and who work on the front lines in HIV/AIDS public health and advocacy have voiced concerns over what a Trump Administration would look like for treatment, funding and research. While Trump has not addressed HIV/AIDS directly, he has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, taking with it many initiatives HIV patients depend on. Those most at risk for contracting HIV already live in under-served and underprivileged areas, a threat which would only increase by restricting access to affordable treatment and care. HIV positive people are yet another group facing an uncertain future under the incoming administration.

Because there's great power in knowledge, we at DGB have provided three ways to increase your HIV literacy:

Here is a quiz to challenge your current level of HIV knowledge.

Here is a quick slide show debunking myths around HIV.

This page includes a short video of people living with HIV sharing the stigma they face in their everyday lives.

For more information on HIV/AIDS and current initiatives to fight the disease and treat those living with it, please visit the CDC website and the HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.