Fight Human Trafficking with TraffickCam

Your DGB for today is to download the TraffickCam app and utilize it to document your hotel room every time you travel.

Among the horrifying statistics on commercial sexual servitude, it’s estimated that around 2 million children are exploited every year in the sex trafficking trade. Human traffickers often post photos of their victims in hotel rooms when advertising online. TraffickCam, developed by the Exchange Initiative, aims to create a database of hotel room photos that law enforcement can then use as part of their investigations.

TraffickCam is available free for Apple and Android. Once you download the app, it uses your phone’s location services to help you easily identify the hotel you’re in, asks for your room number, and provides suggestions for angles and items most useful to photograph.

You can also read more about the initiative and make reports on their website at

Do your part to make sure no one is grabbed without their consent and fight back against human trafficking.