Support Your Local Homeless Shelter


You’re making your holiday shopping list and you’re checking it twice, but while you are debating who has been naughty or nice, may we suggest you add a few things to that list? The holidays tend to fill the cupboards of local food pantries, but we at DGB are asking that you go a little further in your generosity.

Next time you are out scrambling to find the latest gadget or snag the last Hatchimal off the shelf, we ask you to add a pack or two of toilet paper, a few pairs of warm socks, and some travel sized toiletries to your purchases. When you’re done shopping you can make one last stop and drop off the supplies at your local homeless shelter. You can find one near you here: Homeless Shelter Directory. Most of these items are available at your local discount or dollar store, which helps you give more and stick to your holiday budget.

Homelessness is a pressing issue in the United States, but it’s particularly troublesome during the winter season when the temperatures drop. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, last year there were 564,708 homeless people in the United States; 206,286 were part of a family unit. To find more statistics on homelessness and other ways you can help visit End Homelessness.

We promise you’ll be added to Santa’s Nice List if you add a few extra items to your cart next time you are shopping for the holidays. At DGB we hope to encourage you all to be good for goodness sake and help us Grab Back, in any way we can.