Give Trump Something Good to Grab

Your DGB for today is to send a pocket-sized U.S. Constitution to the President-Elect, since he seems to struggle mightily with the content and is usually looking for something to grab that offers both depth and complexity.

You can find them starting at $1 here and here.


We will be mailing our Constitutions to:

Donald Trump ℅ Trump Tower

725 5th Avenue

New York, NY



Remember, Donald is hardly a Constitutional scholar, so he will need as many of these as we can manage to mail. Share this with your circle and help send in enough pocket Constitutions for Trump to always have a stack an arm’s reach away.

And, because DGB hates waste, we will also be sending DJT a letter offering him a few suggestions of nearby progressive high schools he can donate his constitutions to when he’s done pawing at them.