Local Politics

Your DGB for today is to find out who is representing you on local issues, especially anyone new since the election, and identify your opportunities to participate in your local processes.


Ah, the voting booth moment of shame. We’ve all been there. You know, when you get to the races for city council or harbor commissioner or county treasurer or school board, and realize you don’t really know who these people are or (in some cases) what their party affiliation is. You may not even be crystal clear on what the position they’re running for means for you. At Daily Grab Back, we believe that political knowledge is essential for political action. So do some research on the people who won your local elections on November 8, the significance of their office, and what kind of public forums are coming up that may address issues significant to your community. Mark your calendar and consider attending.


Ballotpedia is a great place to start if you live in one of the 100 largest cities. Otherwise, just google your municipality or county. Local politics don’t always command much of our attention, especially when drowned out by the circus of national politics, but they affect us and our families in significant ways. The next time you step inside the voting booth, aim to know exactly who is running, and what they plan to do for your community.