Human Rights Watch - Call It Out

Your DGB for today is to join the Human Rights Watch #CallitOut initiative by texting “Callitout” to 82257. More information here: Human Rights Watch - Call It Out

Since November 8th, the Southern Poverty Law Center has recorded a surge in hate crimes.  Just ten days after the election, SPLC documented 867 separate cases of hate crimes.  Traditional and social media is awash with disturbing stories of people, presumably emboldened by the election of a president with close ties to white supremacy and a record of hateful speech and action himself, turning on their fellow Americans.  

HRW says, “We’ll need thousands of people to sign up to make a difference. The more stories we collect, the more we can draw attention and resources to combat hate. So program 82257 into your cell phone and keep your eyes and ears open.” Your data will go to the SPLC, which tracks these crimes, compiles statistics, and takes action. This is not a substitute for 911. It is meant to be used in conjunction with emergency services when necessary, depending on the situation.

We at DGB have previewed the signup process for you. Simply add 82257 to your contacts under Call It Out and text “callitout”. You will receive a reply with the following instructions:


Our hope is for a world where hateful acts are exceedingly rare.  Our reality is that is not our world right now.  Be one of the thousands needed to help us get there.