Scott Pruitt Hearings

Your DGB for today is to contact Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS), who sits on the Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, and ask that he vote against Scott Pruitt to head the EPA.

Trump really captured his signature spirit of ironic cabinet picks with Pruitt’s nomination. As Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt is currently suing the agency he is tapped to lead. His LinkedIn profile calls him “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda,” whatever that means. Unless Trump is playing Opposite Day, this nomination serves you that usual feeling about his Cabinet picks: a sprinkle of confusion, a big shot of alarm, and a puckering bite of anxiety.

Senator Moran is the only Majority member not to have met with Pruitt ahead of his hearings, with every other Republican on the committee praising the nominee. Back in March of 2016, Senator Moran was also one of the only Republican Senators to call for hearings on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, so we know he has some ability to think for himself.

You’ll contact the Senator using this form or this phone number: (202) 224-6521 and this DGB suggested message:

I’m contacting you today to ask that you oppose Scott Pruitt’s confirmation as EPA Administrator. His disregard for our climate is bad for Kansas, the United States, and the world.