Smother Hate With Love

Your DGB for today is to show some love to the good people of Whitefish, Montana and prove to them that a few Neo-Nazis terrorizing the town don’t speak for the majority of the American people.

The Flathead Valley area of Montana has a sizeable white supremacist presence mostly due to it being the residence and business location of a well-known* Neo-Nazi’s mother. Residents weren’t too keen on this and protested, which really pissed off the white supremacists. They, in turn, published names and addresses of the protestors on a Neo-Nazi website*, and threatened to host an armed march to wave their tiny, hateful views around town.

Today, we’re going to fight the evil in this story by building up the love. We’re asking you to send a message of support to Love Lives Here, an organization fighting for inclusivity and peace in the Flathead Valley.

Let’s show them our support and send them postcards from all around the country. Send your postcards to:


PO Box 204
Whitefish, Montana 59938-0204


Use your own or this DGB suggested message:

I am writing from (your city/town and state) to tell you I stand with the people of Whitefish in their rejection of bigotry and terror. Thank you for your good work and message and never forget there are people all over the country resisting this epidemic of hate.


If you’d like to do more, you can make a donation pledge against hate and designate an amount for every minute the supremacists march. This money goes to Montana Human Rights Network and puts money directly towards things the marchers detest. The proposed march is set for tomorrow, January 16th, but only part of application was filled out and less than half of the application fee was sent in. We can’t be sure if they will try to march anyway. It’s rumored to be rescheduled for March, perhaps when weather actually permits travel to Whitefish, Montana and they’ve had more time to understand the march application process.

For more updates and info, you can follow Love Lives Here on facebook and give them all our love and drown out all the hate.


*DGB declines to name domestic terrorists or their hate sites.