Help Redistribute the Wealth and Support Black Businesses

Your DGB for today is to seek out and support black owned and operated businesses. Whether these businesses are online, local, or non-profit, do what you can to support them and help redistribute some of this nation’s wealth.

In December of 2015 an article put out by Mother Jones revealed some staggering numbers. 100 of the richest US citizens control as much money as all 42 million of the nation's black population.

Backing Black Business wants to change all that. It’s an online resource, partnering with Black Lives Matter, where you can search for a local, online, or non-profit black run business, or you can register your own black run business. 

As Bernie Sanders said “a nation will not survive morally or economically, when so few have so much, while so many have so little.” American money and power has been consolidated among the mostly white and primarily male for long enough. Do your part to redistribute the wealth while supporting the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement.