Swing a Local Election in Virginia

Your DGB for today is to familiarize yourself with Cheryl Turpin and help her get elected to the Virginia state legislature.

VA is holding a special election on January 10th, just 8 days away, and this is a great opportunity to help elect a progressive candidate to their state legislature. One especially competitive race that could turn a red seat blue is being fought by Cheryl Turpin. We at DGB are big fans of Cheryl. She is a mom, a teacher of 24 years, Girl Scout Troop Leader, a devoted member of the community, and someone who genuinely cares about making a difference. We encourage you to read about her here.

If you are a Grabber in Virginia, you should get to know the candidates on the ballot in this special election and volunteer to get out the vote in any way you can. Pound that pavement by canvassing!

If you are out of state you can still help by phone banking. Cold-calling can be a bit terrifying, especially if you’re like some of us and you absolutely hate talking on the phone. However, this is the kind of work we need to get comfortable doing if we’re going to elect more progressives to all levels of government. It’s up to us to pick up our phones and make it happen.

Select the volunteer opportunity that works best for you here or you can donate here.

This DGB has two grabs for the price of one: help turn a red seat blue AND increase female representation in politics.