Help Make Sure No One Suffers Through a Period Without the Necessary Supplies


Your DGB for today is to do at least one of our suggested actions to make sure that everyone with the need has access to necessary tampons, pads, and undergarments.


A Woman’s Worth, Inc. is working to provide feminine hygiene products to women all over the world, as well as bras and underwear. In many parts of the world, even including our own country, women’s issues like menstruation are a taboo topic and shrouded in shame and secrecy. In some countries this can lead to issues like a lack of available clean water and no access to feminine hygiene products. A Woman’s Worth, Inc. is trying to fix that, and we are recruiting you to help them. You can visit their website to find all the different ways you can help such as: monetary donations; aid for Syria; or, if you are crafty, helping to make sanitary kits that include things like soap, reusable pads, and underwear, which they will be shipping worldwide.


If you would like to help on a more local level, we have a few suggestions for that too. Find a local women’s shelter here and donate either your time or goods. Some of the most requested items from women’s shelters are unopened boxes of pads and tampons, as well as bras and underwear in all sizes, with their tags still attached.


After an amazing day of sisterhood yesterday, let’s band together again and make sure everyone has access to feminine hygiene products.