Promote Gun Control Sanity

Your DGB for today is to start changing minds on guns - yes, it CAN be done. First, go to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence website and sign up to receive updates on current gun control campaigns, and check out some of the current campaigns while you’re there. Second, start contacting your local, state, and federal representatives and telling them that Americans across the political spectrum actually agree on sensible gun control measures. Don’t let the NRA govern our gun control policies.

Think America is divided on the issue of gun control? Think we lack enough supporters to even enact a few sensible measures? Not true! A recent New York Times article showed that academics, experts, and citizens are in broad agreement on sensible measures to decrease gun violence. More than 80% of Americans support universal background checks for gun buyers and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns, which experts agree would be effective in decreasing gun deaths.

Want more “ammo”? Check out this article on how “stand-your-ground” laws actually lead to more gun violence and death.

If you want to arm yourself with even more information and additional campaigns to follow, go to Moms Demand Action on Gun Sense. You can donate to their cause, join it, and read stories written by those affected by gun violence, or submit your own.