Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Fat-Shaming Has Got to Go!*

Your DGB for today is to go to read this piece on fat-shaming, and about the Dove Self-Esteem Project here.

We’ve heard a lot about fat-shaming in the media recently - partially because our very own (gag, breathe, gag) president has been an enthusiastic participant, and partially because as a culture we are starting to say “hell, naw” to policing and shaming bodies. Some defend fat-shaming as a way to get others to abandon their unhealthy ways and lose weight. Not only is this disingenuous (see: “concern trolling”), but it is also completely ineffective. Scientists now confirm that humiliating people about weight only results in…humiliated people.

Dove offers several ways to get involved in promoting body positivity, but one of our favorites is this mindfulness activity meant for girls 11-14 (though it was well-received by DGB kids as young as 8.)

Fat shaming is as out of style as cake pops, YOLO, and planking. It’s 2017 and it’s all about body positivity.


*We just got back from the Women’s March and we’re still fired up and in March-mode.