Support Feminist Publications

Your DGB for today is to subscribe to, or sign up for emails from one of the following feminist publications. If you’re feeling emboldened, you can even submit some writing to one.


You may remember Ms. Magazine as your mother’s feminist quarterly, but at 45 years old, she’s in her prime. They now have an option to sign up for action alerts via email, in addition to a free newsletter.


Bust, created in 1993 in New York as an alternative to the Cosmopolitans and the Vogues, also offers a free newsletter.


At 21 years old, Bitch is the baby of the bunch and focuses on pop culture. They are currently running a 20% off gift deal, which is a great present for the teenager in your life. They also offer a free weekly reader by email subscription.


So, you wore a pussy hat? That’s great. Now, make every week feel like march day by consuming independent feminist magazines.