Dear White People,

Your DGB for today is to join and support Showing Up For Racial Justice.

If you’re a Person of Color, the work of racial justice has been yours for way too long, so sit this one out. Take yourself to lunch or go look at this adorable baby pygmy hippo for a little while. Dismantling white supremacy is the job of white people, and SURJ places the burden where it belongs. Read their About page here. Do not skip this part. Read it now. We’ll wait.

Now that you know that SURJ mobilizes white people at a local and national level, helping them to defect from white supremacy and fight for racial justice. Today you will find your closest chapter here, and follow them on social media. Then push yourself out of your comfort zone, put your white body in the streets, and mobilize more white people. DGB wants to emphasize that this is not an opportunity for validation or to be thanked, so don’t expect that.

Just show up.