Ask Obama to Pardon Unfairly Discharged Veterans

Your DGB for today is to ask Obama to use his last days in office to pardon veterans who received dishonorable discharges from the military due to suicide attempts.

Warfare has left scores of veterans ill, injured, and traumatized. Unfortunately, after their service, these folks face a maze of bureaucracy and long waiting lists even when they are eligible for benefits from the Veteran’s Administration. Ineligibility for benefits puts someone in an even more dire situation, as the VA is often the ONLY access to health care a veteran has. What you probably didn’t know is that a suicide attempt while on active duty can mean a dishonorable discharge, subsequent denial of benefits, and a humiliating black mark on a resume. That’s right: we are punishing our own veterans for their emotional response to active duty.

Read more about the situation here and here.

President Obama has the power to upgrade these discharges and allow these people to get the treatment that they earned and deserve.

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DGB suggested message: President Obama, please use your final days in office to pardon our veterans who have received dishonorable discharges due to suicide attempts. We should give these veterans the gift they’ve given us: peace, stability, and protection.