Sign Up with the Sister District Project

Your DGB for today is to go to Sister District Project, which works to turn red districts blue, register, and tell a friend. 

If you live in a solidly red (our condolences) or blue district, it’s tough to know what to contribute to elections. If it’s a safely blue district, you feel like your vote doesn’t have impact. Dark red, and it feels like the political equivalent of banging your head against a wall. The Sister District Project aims to put voters like you to work in swing districts across the country; canvassing, phone-banking, registering voters, and otherwise getting out the vote for progressive candidates at local and state levels. This will, in turn, grow the field of progressive candidates for national races. The project emphasizes: “No contribution is too small! If you can offer your time, we can put your hours to good use.” And, if you can’t devote any time at all, they ask that you at least spread the word.

This election has shown us that if we want to get anything done, we need to mobilize. Let’s turn those red districts blue, or at least a deep shade of promising purple.