Make Your Rep Really Hear You

Your DGB for today is to watch Representative Steve Israel’s video on how to really put the heat on your Congressional representatives.

We had a Grab about two weeks ago asking you to take a crash course in proper Tea Party Etiquette and now we’re encouraging you to brush up on your skills again. Do like the Tea Party did in 2010, and make Congress’s public appearances VERY uncomfortable if their votes don’t reflect your values. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ uncomfortable Q and A session? I am sure we’ve all become quite accustomed to them over those long holiday dinners.

As you watch the video, don’t let Steve’s take on calls, letters, and emails get you down. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, an avalanche of contacts DOES work. So keep it up, but add public meetings to your arsenal, if you’re feeling brave.

Follow your local representatives on social media to watch for opportunities to deliver some “tea” and remember, DGB likes to serve it piping hot.