Let’s Vote this Mother F’er


Your DGB for today is to check out what’s happening at HeadCount.Org.

If we want to get rid of this Dusty Cheeto anytime soon, we’re gonna have to elect a democratic Congress and Senate in 2018. We can hope and pray all we want for Mueller to pull through and save the day, but we can’t put all of our eggs into one basket, especially when that basket is already filled with deplorables. If we want a fighting chance, we need to take back House and Senate and HeadCount is here to help.

HeadCount pairs with musicians to get out the vote. They help register people to vote and hook you up with the chance to volunteer to register people, all while putting on awesome concerts that promote voter awareness, with kick ass artists like The Roots, Black Keys, CAKE and Jay-Z. They also provide information for your local elections, including ballots, polling places, and deadlines for voter registration.

We HAVE to stay involved in our local as well as national elections. So team up with HeadCount and vote the hell out of your next election.