Mikki Metteba


Your DGB for today is to support high school student Mikki Metteba’s right to peaceful protest.

A senior at Window Rock High School in Fort Defiance, Arizona, Mikki Metteba was recently given in-school suspension for wearing an anti-colonialist and anti-fascist t-shirt protesting Donald Trump’s penchant for both. Like 99% of the students at Window Rock, Mikki is Navajo. We think Indigenous voices should be amplified, not silenced; so does her brother, Ty Metteba. Ty wrote this post on Facebook outlining the legal basis for Mikki’s right to protest and asking the school to make things right. Specifically, he requests that the school apologize to his sister and remove the suspension from her record. In his post he includes the school’s phone number (928) 729 7002 and a sample letter you can send to:


Window Rock High School

PO Box 559

Navajo Route 12

Fort Defiance, AZ 86504


Incidentally, if you would like a t-shirt like Mikki’s, go on over to the shop at http://www.indigenousaction.org/. Indigenous Action Media was founded “to provide strategic communications and direct action support for Indigenous communities sacred lands defense.” Go for the t-shirts, stay for the news and activism.