Crisis Text Line

Your DGB for today is to save the Crisis Text Line number in your phone and share this grab with your circle. You never know who might need it.

Did you know that you can simply text 741741, anytime and anywhere and a trained crisis counselor will text you back? Making phone calls can be very difficult, especially if you are in crisis or have anxiety. That’s where Crisis Text Line steps in to help. Not only will they text you back and help you through that moment, their website also gives helpful tips for when even texting feels too overwhelming.

You can also sign up to volunteer for Crisis Text Line. They will train you if you can commit to 2-12 hours of volunteering a week. Crisis Text Line is hiring, too, if you are looking for something with more hours and

Check out Crisis Text Line today and share their number. Whether you need the help or you are looking to help others, it’s a great resource to keep in your back pocket...literally.