Your DGB for today is to give credit where it’s due.

Last week, a social media movement occurred. Thousands of sexual assault survivors were inspired to share stories or comments about their experiences under the hashtag, metoo. Several news outlets originally pinpointed actor Alyssa Milano as the originator. However, it was later revealed that a woman name Tarana Burke started a very similar MeToo movement back in 2007 and has also built a social justice organization that works to build up the health and wellbeing of girls of color called Just Be Inc.

Please go to the website here and learn more about Burke’s story and Just Be Inc.’s MeToo program. http://justbeinc.wixsite.com/justbeinc/the-me-too-movement-cmml 

If you were moved to #metoo, please follow up with a Tweet or status about Just Be Inc. and Tarana Burke so we can be sure that her work is known.

And donations are always great, too. Here’s where you can help Just Be Inc. with a monetary kindness: http://justbeinc.wixsite.com/justbeinc/donate

Grab back and credit the #metoo!