Open Enrollment Period


Your DGB for today is to spread the word about the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act because we know the Trump administration isn’t going to do it, like we told you back in August.

Trump has done absolutely everything he can to undermine Obamacare, including cutting funding in advertising for the program and funds that help assist people in registration. And he didn’t cut it just a little bit, he cut it a lot; 89% a lot. Last year they received 1.2 million dollars to help sign people up for insurance under the ACA, and this year they are getting an abysmal $129,000. 

Today we want you to sign up for insurance on the marketplace if you need it, share this Grab so others can sign up, or even offer to drive a friend or neighbor to get assistance. You can learn more about the Open Enrollment period here: You can also find someone local to help you with all the paperwork and questions here:

Get your Obamacare while you still can!