Trump has GOT to Go

Your DGB for today is to call your congress member and ask them to start an investigation into the allegations that Trump sexually assaulted multiple women.

As Alabama decides today whether or not it will elect a child sexual predator to the senate, women across this country are left wondering why we have a sexual predator sitting in the White House. We are tired and outraged. We are sick of seeing him there and being reminded of the injustices of #MeToo every day, so we are joining three of his accusers and asking, no… demanding, members of congress investigate these allegations of sexual abuse and harassment.

You shouldn’t be new to this, but you can find contact info for your senators here:

and for your representatives here:

Let them know that we will not stand for a sexual predator in the Oval Office and ask what they are going to do about it. Next, you can ask them if they will support Senator Cory Booker in his call for Trump to resign from the presidency. Booker said, “I just watched Al Franken do the honorable thing and resign. My question is — why isn’t Donald Trump doing the same thing? Who has more serious allegations against him, with more women who have come forward?”