Support the NDRC


Your DGB for today is to support the National Democratic Redistricting Commission (NDRC).

Doug Jones won in Alabama! Yay! A lot of people poured their time and money into making that a reality. Tens of thousands of people gave up their precious time to wait in line and vote. A hearty thank you to each and every one of them, from the DNC to the NAACP to the voters themselves, particularly the Black men and women of Alabama.


Last Tuesday’s vote was a statewide election. Every vote was equal. However, in many places those votes aren’t equal. Partisan politicians have drawn the districting lines to favor their own party and disfavor their competition. The elections are literally rigged - legally. If the same voters turned out at the 2018 Congressional elections, Alabama would not have 4 Democratic and 3 Republican Representatives, they would be represented by 1 Democrat and 6 Republicans. This does not accurately represent people of Alabama, and it’s intentional.

You can be a part of the solution.

Go to to find out how you can be a part of the NDRC. There are a list of ways that you can contribute your resources to help level the playing field and ensure that all Americans are equally represented in our government.