Internet Access for All


Your DGB for today is to learn about the digital gap and support an organization that is trying to close it.

Imagine for a moment what your life here in late 2017 would look like right now if you had no Internet access. How would it change? The Internet provides entertainment, news, information, communication, and of course... DGB. But Internet connections are still relatively expensive and in some places not even available. It might surprise you to know that in some particularly impoverished areas of Detroit there is no Internet infrastructure. Lack of Internet access has powerful and negative implications that keep people poor. You can read more about the issue here: and here:

One organization is attempting to remove this massive obstacle. They set up free wireless hotspots in Detroit communities with this problem. Please check out their important work here: Can you help them by kicking over a few dollars? Then go here:

Grab back and get people some Internet!