Taking Back the House in 2018, Part One

Your DGB for today is to educate yourself on how to register people to vote. We are going to do three Grabs on making yourself and your friends into registrars in your state to increase our chances of taking back some of the power in the Senate and Congress.

The first baby step that needs to be done is checking your own voter registration status and registering to vote, if necessary. You can check your status here and even register online in some states. The next step is to research what you have to do in order to register people to vote yourself. Each state has different rules and requirements to register people to vote. You can find your local election office here and call or email them and ask them what the rules are for your state and county. You can also join the League of Women Voters and check out their website for additional tips on how to get ready to register people to vote.

Before taking on any big project, it’s always important to educate yourself on what needs to be done, so this is our very first step in getting more people registered to vote.Today we are just asking you to spend five minutes making sure you are registered to vote, and looking into what you need to do to start registering people to vote. Our next voter registration Grab will be in two weeks, and we expect you all to have done your homework and be prepared to work.

The 2018 elections seem so far away, but people around the country are already gearing up for it, whether it be throwing their hat into the ring or getting as many people registered to vote as possible. Help us take back some power so that 45 has the checks and balances he so desperately needs.