From Activist to RAKtivist

Your DGB for today is to spread a little kindness.

We’ve had some positive news this past week with the decision to uphold the stay on the Muslim ban by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, so let us use this ray of hope to keep working toward positive outcomes within our communities. February 12th through 18th has been designated as Random Acts of Kindness Week and there’s even a foundation you can check out, where you’ll find a variety of ideas on how to pay it forward through random individual acts.

Have you seen that commercial which reminds us the difference between “nice” and “kind” is that “kind” is honest? We at DGB don’t normally get our inspiration from granola bar commercials, but this sentiment struck a chord. So, look for opportunities to spread some kindness this week. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line, pay a meaningful compliment, get a little real. Or, if you’re looking to dig a little deeper, read about these people who peacefully blocked a van attempting to take a woman to an ICE detention center. Spontaneous opportunities for kindness are all around us, and it’s not the particular act that’s most meaningful but the feeling of personal connection one leaves with another.