Listen Up! It’s World Radio Day!

Your DGB for today is to tune in for World Radio Day 2/13/2017.

How hard can that be, right? Many of us listen to the radio while driving, podcasts when out for runs or walks, news over our morning coffee - there are so many excellent quality programs to choose from! Who can forget the popularity of Season 1 of Serial? So many people haven’t been huddled around a radio since the 1938 reading of War of the Worlds. Even Mike Pence loves radio, public radio, at that. Follow this link to the World Radio Day website to learn more about this dynamic medium. The words of the UNESCO Director-General Ms. Irina Bokova, speak volumes in today’s political climate:


“At a time of turbulence, radio provides an enduring platform to bring communities together. On the way to work, in our homes, offices and fields, in times of peace, conflict and emergencies, radio remains a crucial source of information and knowledge, spanning generations and cultures, inspiring us with the wealth of humanity’s diversity, and connecting us with the world. Radio gives voice to women and men everywhere. It listens to audiences and responds to needs. It is a force for human rights and dignity and a powerful enabler of solutions to the challenges all societies face.”


If you’re looking for suggestions, here are a few favorite radio programs and podcasts from DGB staff: Can He Do That?  by The Washington Post, Girl Friday on iTunes, and the Karen Hunter Show on UrbanView XM channel 126.

So, turn up the dial and support the medium of radio! We look forward to listening with you.