Paper Your Town With Black History

Your DGB for today is to print at least one of our four biographical fliers on Black women and leave them in a public place for someone else to find and read. 

We’re mid-Black History Month now, and themed events have tapered off. Kids probably already brought home their worksheets on MLK Jr.’s Dream and White America has more or less gone back to business as usual, having already done their obligatory recognition. We at DGB want to continue the spirit of acknowledgment and celebration through the rest of the month and beyond by spreading some knowledge all over the country in physical locations, instead of just across social media.

Leave your fliers on approved bulletin boards anywhere, but also leave them on public transportation seats, coffeehouse tables, or tucked into books at libraries or bookstores. Fly one as a paper airplane across a crowded room. Turn one into a message in a bottle. Get out there and be a Black History-spreading ninja.