Race Card Project

Your DGB for today is to go to TheRaceCardProject.com and fill out your very own six word race card.

The Race Card Project was started by Michele Norris in 2010. Over 10,000 people from all over the world have sent in their six word race cards. What exactly is a “Race Card?” The idea behind Norris’s Peabody Award winning project was to give people a platform to write a short “essay” on race. That short essay is only six words, but six words can capture so much emotion. The project shows a wide range of thoughts and emotions tied to race, some funny, some heartbreaking, and some that will make you really angry. Michele Norris believes in being honest about race, which is why she puts them all up.

We all know that you don’t get past racism by ignoring it. If our current political climate is any indication, ignoring racism and pretending it doesn’t exist makes things worse. You can go to US News and browse by the subject of racism to educate yourself on a wide array of sub topics like how to talk to your children about race, or how Neo-Nazis are terrorizing the town of Whitefish, MT, which we also covered in a grab. 

When you’re on the site, read some of the other race cards. Sit in your discomfort and learn something about your own thoughts on race, then submit your very own race card. We suggest you have your children and family members fill out their race cards too. Let this spark a discussion in your home and your circle and help us combat bias by rejecting silence on race.